ISH and ICEX Spain Trade and Investment Form a Strategic Partnership to Elevate Hospitality Education and Celebrate Gastronomy

ISH and ICEX Spain Trade and Investment Form a Strategic Partnership to Elevate Hospitality Education and Celebrate Gastronomy

ISH and ICEX Spain

Gurugram, 21st June 2023– Indian School of Hospitality (ISH), a premier hospitality institution in India, is thrilled to announce the signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ICEX Spain Trade and Investment. This partnership aims to evaluate and explore collaborations in hospitality education, gastronomy, and cultural exchange, reflecting both institutions’ commitment to excellence and innovation.

ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is a prominent entity under the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Trade, dedicated to internationally promoting Spanish businesses and culture. ICEX, through its Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi, stands at the forefront of gastronomic diplomacy, showcasing Spain’s remarkable culinary diversity and gastronomic heritage.

This partnership heralds an era of boundless possibilities in the following domains:

1. Hospitality Education: ISH and ICEX will collaborate on programs that provide an immersive experience in Spanish gastronomy, foods, and wines, including tastings and presentations of Spanish pantry products.

2. Training Programs: Dedicated educational programs in Spanish gastronomy, wines, and food history will be developed and implemented, imparting in-depth knowledge and skills to the faculty and students of ISH.

3. Dissemination of ICEX Programs: ISH will champion ICEX programs and initiatives among its alums, forging a bridge for hospitality professionals to the plethora of opportunities ICEX offers.

4. Culinary Experiences: The Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi will consider incorporating ISH’s culinary expertise in crafting authentic Indian culinary experiences at events, creating a gastronomic tapestry that intertwines Indian and Spanish cultures.

5. Exploration of Future Collaborations: ISH and ICEX remain committed to continually expanding their collaborative efforts in hospitality and gastronomical education.

The partnership will pave the way for an enriched curriculum and exposure to global best practices in hospitality and culinary arts for students and faculty at ISH. Additionally, it will drive cultural exchange between India and Spain and bolster economic activities via cross-border trade and investment in the hospitality and gastronomic sector.

Another significant advantage of the alliance includes enhanced access to international opportunities for ISH alums via ICEX’s comprehensive network.

Mr. Kunal Vasudeva, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of the Indian School of Hospitality, said, “This partnership with ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is not merely a collaboration; it is a fusion of cultures and an academic renaissance. The enriched curriculum, coupled with international insights, will forge professionals who are also ambassadors of cultural exchange. This collaboration with ICEX is a catalyst for empowering Indian students with a blend of heritage and global acumen. Together, we are navigating the confluence of tradition and innovation to redefine hospitality education. For parents, this signifies a golden opportunity for their children to embrace an education that harmoniously bridges cultures.

“This partnership with ISH marks a transformative journey with the Indian School of Hospitality (ISH) and opens new avenues for Spanish gastronomy in India. This collaboration will allow ISH students, who are destined to occupy leading positions in the gastronomic and hospitality sector in India and the world, to become ambassadors of Spanish gastronomy with a multiplier effect in the future. This long-term project aims to establish a solid and fruitful relationship with the ISH” stated Ms. Lucía Paternina Torme, Chief Economic and Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of Spain in New Delhi.