Cosmo Foundation’s Sustainable Water Management Initiatives benefit over 15,000 people across four states

Cosmo Foundation’s Sustainable Water Management Initiatives benefit over 15,000 people across four states

Mumbai, 23rd March 2023: Cosmo Foundation, the community outreach initiative of Cosmo First Limited, today celebrated World Water Day by re-emphasizing water conservation and access to clean water through various initiatives. With over 15000 beneficiaries, the Foundation has invested approximately 1.12 CR in its efforts to provide clean and accessible water to communities in four different states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, and Delhi. These initiatives have impacted the lives of over 100,000 community members, providing them with access to safe drinking water and improving their overall quality of life. By prioritizing sustainable water management practices and investing in these critical resources, Cosmo Foundation is playing a vital role in creating a better future for communities across India.

In a bid to save water during monsoons, Cosmo Foundation has implemented rainwater harvesting across Maharashtra and Gujarat in 11 government schools, which is expected to save 68,72,000 litres of water. Cosmo has also installed underground water tanks across 6 villages in Maharashtra. Additionally, the company has motivated 44 farmers to adopt drip irrigation, covering 44 acres of land and saving significant amounts of water. The cleaning of pond water and implementation of STP systems in Kagzipura (Khuldabad, Aurangabad) have also been successful in keeping the water clean and have improved the lives of 1800 villagers. In water-scarce areas like Aurangabad, Cosmo Foundation has installed six water tanks in rural schools. The company has also installed water purifiers and coolers in three schools in Delhi and Himachal Pradesh, to provide access to clean drinking water.

Talking about the initiative, Yamini Jaipuria, Managing Trustee, Cosmo Foundation said, “Our focus is on conservation of water and creating access to water and drinking water. We believe that it is our responsibility to contribute towards a sustainable future for generations to come. Water conservation and access to clean water are critical for the well-being of communities, and we are committed to making a positive impact through our initiatives.”

Cosmo Foundation has invested significantly in rainwater harvesting at its plants, as part of its commitment to sustainable water management. With these initiatives, the company hopes to create a sustainable future and contribute towards a better world.