SRI-Noida’s Young Engineers Collaborate to Elevate Samsung Galaxy S23 Series’ User Experience, Health Features and User Safety

GURUGRAM, India – February 24, 2023: Samsung R&D Institute Noida (SRI-N) is a global R&D Center developing advanced solutions to suit global and local market needs with expertise in the commercialization of products. SRI-N significantly contributes to the development of smartphones and other innovations. SRI-N closely collaborated with teams in Korea and made contributions in breakthrough innovations in the new Galaxy S23 series.

SRI-N engineers contributed in areas like user experience, health features, performance improvement, and user safety in the Galaxy S23 series.

“The domain of mobile technology is constantly changing in today’s world. As an R&D Centre, SRI-N is developing innovative and intuitive mobile experiences that empower, educate and enrich the lives of our customers. Our responsibility to provide innovative technology to our customers has deepened. With our domain expertise and skill sets, SRI-N is constantly developing innovative products that attract consumers and also shape the future of technology,” said KY Roo, MD of Samsung R&D Institute – Noida.

Improved User Experience

User experience is critical in today’s digital world, where users anticipate a highly intuitive experience. The Galaxy to Share app has been developed to allow users to share all customizations and own personalization settings across Galaxy devices in India. Similarly, the multi-timer feature enables the user to simultaneously have multiple timers, all at the same time, for different activities and tasks. The Bedtime Alarm feature is also more robust, allowing users to customize alarm timings day-wise. To enhance communication, the Direct Dial 4X1 widget has been added to the S23 Home Screen for easy accessibility of priority contacts and dial them at a single touch. SRI-N developed these apps and features to provide the most seamless and intuitive experience to customers while providing a wide scope for customization.

Health feature development & Performance Improvement

With domain expertise in health and wearables, SRI-N engineers have been focused on enhancing health features in the Flagship devices. The Galaxy S23 series is equipped with a new Sleep tracker widget on the home screen, which enables users to track their sleeping patterns and sleep score very easily. Similarly, the Water tracker feature allows users to set their own day-wise water intake targets and sends reminders at custom scheduled timings. SRI-N engineers also contributed towards the improvements in the Samsung Health trackers like Water, Body composition, Cycle tracking, and Heart rate. Such features have been developed, keeping in mind the preference of Gen Z and millennials who like to balance their physical health, fitness, and mindfulness; all together and seamlessly.

User Safety

As technology advances, more personal information is required to offer a better user experience and keep users safe. In order to provide the best experience, engineers at SRI-N have developed the Emergency SOS and Emergency Sharing feature to enable users to send help messages with their own location information and video recording during an emergency, all through a simple action of pressing the power button 3 times. The action initiates the emergency call, which is then followed by the emergency message.

Our consumers are increasingly driven by the productivity, quality, and authenticity of any product. And as an R&D center, SRI-N passionately drives creativity, innovation, and excellence in day-to-day work to pioneer technology transformations that not just appeal to new-age customers but also pave the way for future technology.

Tech Data Announces Partnership with Tangent Works in key markets across the Asia Pacific & Japan Region


[Photo] Bennett WongBangalore, February 24, 2023: Tech Data, a TD SYNNEX company, today announced the expansion of its AI (artificial intelligence) and predictive analytics solutions portfolio with a strategic partnership with Tangent Works – a leading predictive modeling and advanced forecasting company. Tech Data will be offering cloud-native technologies of Tangent Works to further strengthen its AI and predictive analytics solutions portfolio, while accelerating AI project adoptions across the IT ecosystem.

At launch, Tangent Works’ Tangent Information Modeler (TIM), an automatic model-building engine for time-series forecasting and anomaly detection, will be available in Singapore, Malaysia and India. Tangent Works’ TIM is highly effective in leveraging AI technology to improve operational efficiency in industries like energy, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare and FSI sectors.

Commenting on the development, Bennett Wong, Vice President, Advanced Solutions – Modern Data Centre & Analytics, Tech Data Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), said “The global AI market size was valued at USD 93.5 billion in 2021 and in Asia Pacific and Japan it is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45% from 2022 to 2030 1 . The predictive analytics market in the region is expected to increase from USD 2.89 billion in 2022 to USD 9.59 billion by 2028 2 . Given this setting, we are excited to add Tangent Works to our Asia Pacific and
Japan portfolio, to empower ISVs, our partners, and their end-users with extended capabilities in addressing complex AI environment challenges via secure and simplified cloud-native technologies.”

Tangent Works’ TIM, a multi-award winner in the field of predictive models, engineers features and applies a highly efficient algorithm in a single step. As compared to expert-intensive AutoML, where users need to do feature engineering, model selection and tuning, the TIM hyper-automated engine covers all these steps in one pass of the data, bringing increased speed, efficiency, productivity and scalability.

“Time series forecasting, and anomaly detection are hard problems to solve. TIM makes it quick and easy for business users to benefit from predictive analytics,” said Tangent Works co- founder & CEO Henk De Metsenaere. “Together with Tech Data, we are bringing end-to-end predictive analytics solutions and consultancy to the Asia Pacific and Japan region. We are confident that by partnering with Tech Data, we will benefit from their global ecosystem of technology providers and partners.”

1 Grand View Research: Artificial Intelligence Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Solution, By Technology (Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Vision), By End Use, By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2022 – 2030 2 Research and Markets: Asia Pacific Predictive Analytics Market Forecast to 2028

UK-Based Hive Energy has acquired a 50% share in BambooLogic, an industrial scale bamboo plantation company

On February 24, 2023, UK-based Hive Energy [Hive] finalised the acquisition of 50% of shares in BambooLogic, a leading bamboo plantation company in Europe.

Hive Energy is a global renewable energy developer and circular economy investor. The company is on a mission to save the planet and currently holds a 27 GW pipeline of clean energy projects across more than 20 countries. The Hive Energy Group consists of global clean futures teams, including Hive Ventures, based in Liverpool, UK.

Hive Ventures is at the heart of Hive Energy’s circular economy investments. Over the past two years, the Hive Ventures team has invested in three green start-ups in the UK and the Netherlands; the companies produce sustainable packaging alternatives and bioenergy. The BambooLogic acquisition marks the fourth procurement for Hive Ventures.

BambooLogic is a well-aligned partner for Hive Energy as the company’s European low-footprint bamboo production is low-waste, fully biodegradable, and beneficial for carbon sequestration and storage within soil and durable products. The investment from Hive will support BambooLogic to accelerate business across Portugal and Europe, with plans to plant 2,000 hectares of bamboo over the next two years.

BambooLogic is the first large-scale and industry-oriented bamboo plantation company in Europe. Currently, the company has around 150 hectares established in Southern Portugal to grow bamboo, which will then be sold as a low-footprint material for use across the textile, paper, construction, composite, and food sectors. In addition to the production of affordable and sustainable bamboo, the company will be storing carbon in the soil on the farms which can then be assigned as carbon removal credits. Over the first 15 years of the project, BambooLogic plan to sequester 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2.

Rupert Maitland-Titterton, Director of Circular Economy at Hive, commented on the deal: “We are thrilled to partner with BambooLogic. At Hive Ventures we are committed to investing in circular economy businesses which have an overall carbon negative impact is the best way to secure a sustainable and clean future for our planet. BambooLogic offer a unique business proposal that utilises a natural material with minimal environmental impact. Bamboo can produce sustainable alternatives to many carbon-intensive products, and we cannot wait to see the potential of the business develop.”

Jorre Appel, Managing Director of Bamboologic commented: “I am delighted with the conclusion of this exciting deal and look forward now to fully developing the project to its full potential with Hive Energy, our new partner.”

Vertex Hydrogen signs agreements to supply over 1,000MW of hydrogen to decarbonise leading UK industries

Mumbai/ Stanlow, 24 February 2023: Vertex Hydrogen (“Vertex”) is a leader in the energy transition, developing the UK’s first large scale, low carbon hydrogen production hub at Essar’s site in Ellesmere Port – the heart of the HyNet North West cluster.

Vertex has now signed agreements to supply over 1,000MW of low-carbon hydrogen to leading industrial names in the region. This is a similar amount of energy that powers a major city like Liverpool, secures the entire initial hydrogen production capacity of Vertex and enables the vital hydrogen infrastructure investments in the region. This milestone reflects Vertex’s status as the largest and most advanced low-carbon hydrogen hub in the UK.

The Project will capture some 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 per annum to be stored by the HyNet project to reduce more than 10% of the region’s industrial emissions – the equivalent to taking 750,000 cars off the roads.

The Project will see over £2 billion of direct investments in the hydrogen plant and associated regional hydrogen transport and storage infrastructure – securing and growing vital jobs in the region.

The hydrogen demand comes from global businesses operating in the region, who are looking to become the first low carbon operations in a number of key sectors by switching their current high carbon fuels to low carbon hydrogen. These consumers are substantial direct and indirect contributors to the 340,000 people employed in manufacturing in the North West. It also includes innovators in the sustainable aviation fuels, glass and cement industries.

Adrian Curry, Managing Director of Encirc, said: “This partnership with Vertex Hydrogen will help us to change the face of glass as we aim to produce Net Zero bottles by 2030. Glass is an incredible material and sustainable in so many ways. It has been around since 3500 BC, and by using hydrogen to decarbonise it, we believe it will be the packaging choice for centuries to come.”

Deepak Maheshwari, CEO of Essar Oil UK, added: “This offtake agreement, and our other initiatives, are continuing examples of us taking clear actions to deliver our strategic goals. We are proud to be a leader in the region and the UK more broadly in industrial decarbonisation.”

Martin Ashcroft, Managing Director of Tata Chemicals Europe, commented: “We have
been supporters of Vertex and the low carbon hydrogen segment as a real opportunity to further reduce emissions at our world class CHP facility. This agreement marks the next step in our relationship as we continue our journey as a leader in industrial decarbonisation.”

Neil Syder, Managing Director of Pilkington United Kingdom Limited said: “We are fully committed to our NSG Group target of achieving carbon neutral by 2050. Firing the float glass furnace using hydrogen instead of natural gas is a key part of our strategy to reduce carbon emissions.”

Jeff Ovens, Managing Director of Fulcrum BioEnergy said: “As a leader in pioneering waste based sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), we are working closely with Vertex to supply low carbon hydrogen for our Fulcrum NorthPoint SAF facility at Ellesmere Port. SAF is the only realistic solution to decarbonise aviation and using low carbon hydrogen as part of our SAF production process, will further improve the overall net CO2 reduction benefits of Fulcrum’s fuel.”

John Lewis MBE, Managing Director of SOG Group, commented: “Access to reliable sources of low carbon energy is absolutely vital to our Net Zero aspirations. The agreement we have now signed with Vertex Hydrogen ensures our entire Heath Park project will be ultimately powered by low carbon energy. I view this as a landmark agreement that will enable us to deliver a world-leading business and community environment in the North-West which will benefit future generations.”

Mo Moussaoui, Carbon Reduction Manager, Carrington Power, ESB, said: “In line with our Net Zero to 2040 strategy, we are decarbonising the carbon intensity of our generation fleet. We are delighted to work with Vertex Hydrogen as we work towards decarbonising our Carrington plant, and the many benefits that will bring.”

Darren Elsom, Director of Hydrogen Operations at Cadent said: “We warmly welcome the announcement that Vertex has signed agreements for over 1000MW of low carbon Hydrogen, which is a major step in decarbonising industry in the North West. At Cadent we remain focussed on developing the pipeline infrastructure in readiness to connect and transport Hydrogen to industry whilst protecting the planet for our customers and the communities we serve.”

Paul Shelley, Site Manager at Warrington Ingevity: “Ingevity is proud to partner with HyNet Northwest and Vertex as we work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the manufacture of our Caprolactone range of specialty chemicals at our site in Warrington.”

Joe Seifert, CEO of Vertex Hydrogen, said: “We have always said that Vertex is demand-led from leading industrial companies and we have now signed agreements for over 1000MW of hydrogen – our entire expected production capacity from the initial phases of our project. This milestone gives us huge confidence in the economics of the project and the long-term demand for low carbon hydrogen in the coming decades.”

Prashant Ruia, from Essar, said: “Securing over 1000MW of low carbon hydrogen demand from leading UK industrial sites and innovators is a vital step in delivering this world class project. Essar continues to invest in an array of industry leading projects from hydrogen production, biofuels, industrial decarbonisation and infrastructure leveraging our infrastructure, expertise, capital and desire to be a world leader in decarbonisation.”

IILM University Gurugram promotes G20 Summit with a slew of competitions

Panel Discussion

February 24, 2023, Gurugram: Underlining the pivotal role of G20 in reshaping the global economic and financial landscape, IILM University encouraged students from various disciplines to participate in a host of debates, panel discussions, and poster-making competitions.

As a prologue to the G20 Summit this year, the university was nominated as an educational institution to represent, examine, discuss, and propose the relevant issues to the 1st Anti-Corruption Working Group of G-20 on Japan and Russia.

“When the power is vested in one person, the country tends to bend towards corruption… One person should not have the entire control, rather the power should be dispersed among different people,” said Narendra Kumar Yadav (IRS), Additional Director, Directorate General of GST Intelligence, at a panel discussion on the theme “Envisioning a corruption-free environment” on Thursday at IILM University.

There were 18 participants in the debate competition speaking for and against the motion on two themes – “The anti-corruption laws in Japan are stringent and effective” and “The anti-corruption laws in Russia are stringent and effective.”

During the panel discussion, Vineet Kumar, Deputy Vice President, at OakNorth expressed that even though Japan is highly developed industrially, it lacks the transparency to prevent corruption.

An interdisciplinary approach was observed in the debates that included participants from domains like Law, International Relations and History, Journalism, Media and Communication, Business Administration, and Psychology. The winners of the debate competition included Siddharth Bharghav, Asavri Varma, Nandini from BA LLB, and Maxim Kapoor from MBA.

Commenting on the anti-corruption laws in India, Pro Vice-Chancellor of IILM University, Dr. Arvind Chaturvedi said, “RTI (Right to Information) is one of the most important things to combat corruption as when the people have the information, knowledge, and awareness, they get the power to question the authorities in power. It is not the only way but a step towards a corruption-free society.”

The poster-making competition motivated students to create and spread awareness on the theme “Anti-Corruption”.

The CEOs of the leading global and Indian corporations are upbeat and striving for growth- Arthur D. Little research finds

New Delhi, February 24, 2023: The 2023 CEO Insights Report, published by Arthur D. Little (ADL), a renowned strategy and management consulting organization, shows that CEOs of the largest corporations in the world remain upbeat despite the current economic unrest. For the next three to five years, 63% of respondents anticipate a stable or positive economic environment.

Arthur D. Little’s 2023 CEO Insights study spoke to nearly 250 CEOs from companies with turnover of more than USD 1 billion out of which 33% of the Indian CEOs surveyed had an optimistic view about the economic outlook over the next 3-5 years, quite above the global average of 22%. The research shows a global senior executive community that is taking the bull by the horns and working with passion and creativity to get the global economy back on track.

Barnik Chitran Maitra Managing Partner, Arthur D. Little India & South Asia says “Our research reveals that Indian CEOs are more optimistic about the future than their global counterparts. They look past the current crisis to embrace a more promising future for their businesses with over 90% of Indian CEOs increasing or maintaining growth investments. We are certain that this new generation of ambidextrous Indian CEOs and companies can potentially become national and global champions.”

The study further highlights CEOs who are keen on growth despite the crisis as half believe they will expand into new regions, while 30% anticipate growing faster than the overall market. Even cautious CEOs anticipate increasing growth investments, with 40% planning to raise spending and 55% holding expenditures steady. Leading CEOs are simultaneously developing true ambidextrousness by integrating this innovation with a laser-like focus on cost efficiency.

Nonetheless, there are differing pictures between regions. Compared to just 25% of CEOs in North America and 10% in Asia, 38% of CEOs in Europe’s top 5 economies—France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK—expect to see a positive economic outlook over the next 3–5 years. Globally, over a quarter (26%) listed technology innovation, as the most critical factor to growth, well ahead of raw material/energy prices (11%). Factors such as supply chain, and cyber risks both outranked raw material prices globally. While telecommunications executives show less confidence in the skills of their workforce compared to the global average, travel and transportation CEOs believe that there is a limited need for a reskill.

The report further delves into CEOs who see technology innovation as the most critical factor to company growth and are moving beyond digitalization to embrace technologies such as AI, robotics, and automation. 60% want to explore new technologies, and 27% believe the Metaverse and virtual reality will impact their business. Hearteningly, 80% of CEOs believe focusing on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) delivers a competitive advantage, rather than simply being a compliance cost. In fact, 41% of CEOs rank it as a higher priority than all other initiatives.

The study draws five clear conclusions enlisted below:

(1) CEOs have a positive attitude and are focused on the future, with even the most defensive CEOs increasing their investment in growth.

(2) CEOs are leading increasingly ambidextrous organizations that are driving both cost optimization and innovation. 50% plan to enter new geographies and are investing heavily in technology to drive innovation.

(3) CEOs are building on experience, thanks to changes forged during the pandemic. 91% are happy with their current organizational structure, although many struggle to find and develop talent.

(4) CEOs are moving beyond digitalization to embrace technologies such as AI, machine learning, robotics, and automation. They are also looking forward; 60% want to explore new technologies and 27% believe the Metaverse and virtual reality will impact their business.

(5) CEOs now see environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors as core for their business. 80% see ESG delivering a competitive advantage while 41% of CEOs rank it as a higher priority than other initiatives.

Francesco Marsella, Managing Partner, and Global Practice Leader, Strategy & Organization at Arthur D. Little, comments: “In a downturn, conventional business wisdom is to cut costs and focus on survival. Despite current challenges and many dark macroeconomic predictions for 2023, most CEOs we spoke to are optimistic for the future, working with passion, entrepreneurship, and creativity to manage performance today while building for the future. They see opportunity in adversity, looking beyond the current crisis to embrace a more positive future for their companies and the wider society.”

Promate launches its first Audio product in India, TWS Lush, with IntelliTouch controls.

Mumbai, 24 February 2023: Promate, a global leader in mobile accessories, has launched its first product (TWS) in India, Lushhe gesture-controlled intelligent earbuds are high-tech and fashionable, balanced by superior acoustic audio quality. The product is available at leading retail stores in India for Rs. 1699/- and comes with a 24-month warranty.

TWS Lush is available in black, white, Blue and Pink and is compact and ultra-lightweight with a glossy finish. The affordable wireless earbuds provide best-in-class sound quality, creating an enthralling and immersive listening experience designed for today’s millennial generation. Its Bass Up technology analyses low frequencies in real time and amplifies them instantly. The composite speakers produce clear audio with well-balanced Bass.

TWS Lush, equipped with touch sensors, allows you to control music and calls. Its in-built proximity sensors play music as soon as you insert the earbuds and stop when you remove them. When it comes to power, Autonomy never disappoints, with 20 hours of non-stop playback supported by a fast-charging case.

The truly wireless earbuds are powered by Bluetooth 5.1, which provides seamless and instant pairing. When you remove the earbuds from the case, they automatically pair with your device. The TWS can also be used independently. The earbuds feature a built-in high-resolution microphone for stable connectivity and clearer conversations. Lush is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

Gopal Jeyaraj – Country Head, Promate India & SAARC, said, “Promate is excited to bring its offerings to the Indian markets. Our audio products are designed to provide the purest music experience while incorporating cutting-edge technology at price points no one can imagine. Each of our upcoming launches will attest to our brand promise.”

The TWS is ergonomically designed to fit into an urban lifestyle. It caters to the needs of every music lover by providing powerful precision sound and style, as well as a secure fit designed for extended periods of use. TWS Lush is also IPX5 high-level water resistant, making it your gym buddy or jog essential.

In the next three months, Promate will launch over 30+ new products, including power banks, chargers, speakers, and the much-anticipated Smartwatches.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Opens 100 Gold Loan Branches in FY ‘23

Bengaluru, 24 February 2023: Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited (“KMBL”/Kotak) today announced that it has opened 100 Gold Loan branches, in this financial year, so far. As of March 31, 2022, the Bank was offering Gold Loans through its 400 branches. With the addition of 100 Gold Loan branches in this FY, Kotak Mahindra Bank now offers Gold Loans through its 500 branches spread over 253 cities across the country.

The Bank plans to further expand its Gold Loans branch network by opening another 50 branches in the ongoing financial year.

  1. Instant Gold Loan
  2. Minimal Documentation & Transparency in Interest Rates
  3. Easy Repayment Options – flexible tenure which ranges from a few months up to 3 years
  4. Attractive Interest Rate – Starting at 9%
  5. Both Existing and Non-Existing Customer can avail Gold Loan

“We are delighted to open 100 Gold Loan Branches covering additional 49 cities during this financial year. Gold Loans have emerged as one of the most preferred mode of availing finance to meet personal as well as business needs,” said Mr Manish Kothari, President & Head – Commercial Banking, Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited. “Indians have idle Gold and with Gold prices soaring, Gold Loans have become an attractive proposition. The demand is coming also from people moving away from unorganized sources of finance, such as pawnbrokers as well as moneylenders. This is due to greater awareness about risks associated with unregulated sources of finance offered by pawnbrokers, at relatively higher interest rates. We feel the trend will continue in the time to come as well.”

Global Processing Services welcomes three independent Non-Executive Directors to its Board

Shane Happach

LONDON – 24 February 2023 – Global Processing Services (“GPS”), a fast-growing next-gen global payments technology platform, today announced the appointment of Paulette Rowe, Shane Happach, and Lynn McCreary as independent Non-Executive Directors.

Paulette Rowe is one of the most influential women in payments, recognized by American Banker in its annual honors list for three consecutive years, and was formerly CEO of Paysafe’s Integrated and E-commerce Solutions (IES) division. Paulette brings a wealth of experience across card-based and virtual wallet payment solutions. Prior to Paysafe, Paulette was Head of Payments and Financial Services Partnerships for Facebook and held senior roles in a variety of financial organizations over a 20-year period, including Barclaycard, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Tesco Bank, and GE Capital.

Shane Happach is an experienced global payments executive with strengths in enterprise sales and fintech-led disruption. Shane was recently named CEO of Singapore-based fintech, Coda Payments. Prior to Coda, Shane was CEO of payments fintech Mollie for two years and spent more than a decade at Worldpay, where he held a number of senior positions, including EVP, Head of Global Ecommerce, and Chief Commercial Officer. Before Worldpay, he worked with GlobalCollect – acquired by Ingenico in 2014 – in business development roles across the Americas and EMEA.

Lynn McCreary brings over three decades of experience in legal, business and executive leadership roles to GPS, having worked at financial services and payments firm Fiserv for 11 years, serving as Chief Legal Officer since 2013. Her responsibilities at Fiserv included directing the firm’s global legal, ethical and compliance activities, as well as taking an active role in coordinating its M&A strategy. Prior to joining Fiserv, Lynn was an equity partner at Bryan Cave LLP, now Bryan Cave Lighton Paisner, where she represented the interests of financial services companies, insurance companies, retailers and others in a broad range of commercial disputes. Lynn is currently Chief Legal Officer of Sportradar.

“Paulette, Shane, and Lynn bring a wealth of experience to our Board and will support our team to capitalize on the enormous potential for disruption in the issuer processing space,” said Gene Lockhart, Chair of GPS. “GPS is committed to investing for the long-term to support our clients in accelerating innovation, diversifying product capabilities, and facilitating new payments programs worldwide.”

GPS has attracted a number of highly experienced global payments executives under the leadership of Kevin Schultz as Chief Executive Officer since July 2022. The company most recently announced the appointment of Visa veteran Jim McCarthy as Executive Vice President – Global Product and Sales, who has more than 30 years of payments experience; Kevin Fox as Chief Revenue Officer, and Jeff Burns as Chief Financial Officer.

ESAF Foundation invites nominations for ESAF Sthree Ratna Award


Kochi: ESAF Foundation invites nominations for ESAF Sthree Ratna Award 2023. ESAF Sthree Ratna Award was introduced in the year 2019. The award recognises women who have shown exemplary acts of being role models to others by not only beating all odds to create a niche for themselves but also for their fellow beings to make a lasting impact in people’s lives. She could be an unsung hero working in the humanitarian sector, striving for gender equality, enabling sustainable livelihoods, reducing inequalities, advancing education, health and nutrition, or advocating for women’s rights. In other words, ESAF Sthree Ratnas are ordinary women who break stereotypes and emerge as catalysts for change.

The award carries a cash prize of INR 1 lakh and a citation. The last date to send the applications is 28th February 2023. The award shall be announced on 8th March 2023 and conferred on 11th March 2023 in Thrissur. Applications can be sent to and for more details, please contact 9946000899.