IceWarp India Marketing and Channel Head, Anita Kukreja Honored with Global Woman Leader Award

Mumbai, February 23, 2023: IceWarp is delighted to announce that Anita Kukreja Head of Marketing and Channel Sales was honored with the prestigious Global Woman Leader Award 2023. This recognition is an acknowledgment of her outstanding performance in practicing Innovative marketing strategies in the Information and Technology sector. The award ceremony was organized by World Women Leadership Congress and was recently held at Hotel Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

Anita Kukreja is responsible for developing, driving, and implementing a go-to-market strategy for Channels along with creating the marketing strategies and driving marketing operations for India & Middle East region. On receiving the award, Anita said, “I feel honored to be recognized as the Global Woman Leader in the IT sector and I’m very grateful to receive this prestigious award for the appreciation of my work. At IceWarp, we are truly motivated by these recognitions as they are a testimony of our hard work and dedication to thrive and successfully achieve our goals.”

Dr. R.L Bhatia, Founder and Chairman, of World CSR Day & World Sustainability and World Women Leadership Congress commented “I extend my heartiest congratulations to Anita Kukreja for being recognized as the Global Woman Leader of the year in IT Sector. This award reflects her commitment towards her work and will act as a torchbearer for hundreds of women, who will be inspired by her and will follow her footsteps.”

The entire selection program was chaired by Dr. R L Bhatia, Founder of World CSR Day, World Sustainability and World Women Leadership Congress. The jury consists of senior leaders, researchers and academicians who went through a rigorous and independent process short listing Individuals who are doing extraordinary work and track their record of achievements.

IESA, APEITA and IIT Tirupati conducts the first edition of Defence Electronics and Semiconductor Innovations (DESI) Conclave 2023

Tirupati, February 23 2023: India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), India’s leading industry association for ESDM (Electronics System Design and Manufacturing) sector, today, in conjunction with the Government of Andhra Pradesh organized the Defence Electronics and Semiconductor Innovations (DESI) Conclave 2023. This one-day event is being held in association with the Andhra Pradesh Electronics and IT Agency (APEITA) and the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) at the IIT Tirupathi campus.

The conclave is aimed at holding discussions with respect to the current metrics of semiconductor applications with respect to defence research and forging the way ahead for ESDM innovations in this segment. The conclave witnessed active participation from several speakers on myriad topics including ‘Evolution of semiconductor design ecosystem in India’, ‘Opportunities in enabling secure ecosystem around semiconductor fabs’, ‘Successful Startup’s – a mobility example’, ‘Innovation Ecosystem’, ‘Andhra Pradesh ESDM Landscape’, and ‘Emerging and future technologies of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)’. Panel discussions on topics ‘Enabling Semiconductor Design Ecosystem in AP – A practical road map’. A session on ‘Defence & Aerospace: Growing Impactful MSMEs to support Defence Electronics Industry in India- How & Why?’ was also conducted during the conclave. The conclave also provided ESDM startups with a chance to showcase their products and innovations, along with discussions around the direction in which the Indian ESDM industry is headed.

The attendance at DESI Conclave 2023 included Dr Satyanarayana, Director, IIT Tirupathi, Mr K Krishna Moorthy, CEO & President IESA, key appointments from the Indian Navy, Shri Saurabh Gaur, IAS Secretary,Government of Andhra Pradesh, Mrs Gowthami, IAS, CEO EMC’s – Govt of Andhra Pradesh, officials from Defence Machinery Development Establishment (DMDE) and a host of industry leaders in Semiconductor, R&D and ESDM space.

M/s Jay Wood Industry Targets Robust Growth in 2023 by Producing 6 lakh Pallets to Cater to the Burgeoning Demand

Mumbai, 23 February 2023: M/s Jay Wood Industry, a market leader in the wooden pallet manufacturing sector, aims to increase its annual production to 6 lakh wooden pallets, in order to meet growing customer demand. As the global economy continues to rebound after the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies across the world are accelerating the production of their goods with the aim of reaching pre-pandemic levels, to cater the increasing consumer demand. Consequently, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for wooden pallets, which are universally popular for the safe and convenient shipping of nearly 80% of all produced goods in the world.

The company’s goal to increase wooden pallet production to 6 lakh, represents a projected increase of 20% over the last year, which translates to an increase in YoY revenue by 20% in 2023-24. JWI also plans to boost its production of EPAL pallets (wooden pallets certified by the European Pallet Association) which are in high demand due to their rigorous quality standards, by installing automatic high-capacity chamfering machines imported from Italy in their manufacturing units. The ramping up of JWI’s production capacity is driven in large part by a surge in demand from booming sectors such as pharmaceuticals, glass, chemicals, automotive, and manufacturing.

Commenting on Jay Wood Industry’s robust growth, Jay Shah, Managing Director & CEO, said, “M/s Jay Wood Industry is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, and we are overwhelmed by how much we have grown and achieved during this journey. We started our operations from a humble little office in 1994 and, today, we have two world-class plants, and loyal customers across industries such as pharmaceuticals, glass, chemicals, automotive, and manufacturing, among others. During this time, we have grown from a modest count of 65 employees to a robust workforce comprising 90+ personnel.

As the global economy continues on its recovery trajectory, we are also committed to becoming a trusted partner, by providing our ever-increasing customer base with a high-quality product that meets global benchmarks, and will protect their goods as they travel through the supply chain to the end consumer.”

M/s Jay Wood Industry is the first wooden pallet manufacturer in India to be certified by the European Pallet Association to produce EPAL CP pallets. The company also manufactures pallets customised for specialised requirements. Additionally, the company is focusing on developing its own software to monitor operations and increase efficiency. All the wood used by JWI for pallet manufacture is also acquired from sustainable forest.

International Women’s Day – March 8 KelpHR endorses 5-point framework to help corporates Embrace Equity at the workplace

Mumbai: February 23, 2023 – In a day and age when women are equaling or, in some cases, outnumbering their male colleagues at workplaces, KelpHR, a pioneering organization that builds best-in-class HR practices, is rolling out a 5-point framework enabling corporates to #EmbraceEquality at their places of work.   


“In the world and in our workplaces, there are always some groups and communities that are more vulnerable, more marginalized than others. Diverse workforces have different needs and unique challenges. There cannot be a one size fits all approach while managing everyone’s needs. Crucially, leaders must know that addressing these differences does not compromise the goals and ethos of the organization but makes it more robust on the whole. In the run-up to International Women’s Day, we endorse this framework so that organizations can seamlessly embrace equity to make our workplaces wholly productive and happy spaces to be in for everyone,” says Smita Shetty Kapoor, CEO, and Co-founder, of KelpHR.


KelpHR, which aims to build safe, happy, and inclusive workplaces endorses a 5-point framework to enable companies of all sizes in creating a diverse workforce, ensuring people of similar caliber obtain the same kinds of opportunities and helping them make a concerted effort to equitably distribute the perks and benefits offered by the organization.


Here’s how organizations can embrace equity:


Define equity and declare your vision for the organization:


Build and integrate equity understanding into the DNA of the organization so that every stakeholder feels a sense of ownership. You may be a small organization, a lean, mean company in a competitive sector, with limited resources but that should not make equity an afterthought for you. You can define equity in the choices you make about whom you hire, whom you work with, and the work that you choose to take up.


Break the biases:  


Biases are always difficult to address. As leaders, we must create the right ambiance for these conversations and be willing to receive feedback about our opinions and our behavior. Your employees must feel psychologically safe enough at the workplace to point out inequitable policies or processes. Sensitize your managers to look out for the well-being of their teams. 

Consistently assess the situation:


Regularly assess the situation, educate employees, measure progress, and hold managers accountable.

– Every employee has to be a custodian of the workplace culture, therefore training and sensitization is necessary.

– What gets measured gets managed. Surveys and audits at periodic intervals will give you a sense of whether you’re heading in the right direction with your policies. 

– People managers and line managers will be your best ambassadors if they are held accountable for hitting certain targets or are incentivized to go the extra step. 


Emerge during times of crisis:  


Difficult times show the true character of the organization. Look for difficult times or decisions made in your organization and weigh these against your vision of equity. Were your leaders able to make equitable decisions during the time of crisis? Were your employees able to toe the line when pushed into the corner? Did they stand up for minority rights? Did they make the right choice of equity?


Communicate & Celebrate: 


Encourage your employees to take pride in this mission of the organization by engaging and communicating with them regularly about various initiatives, events, and future plans. Celebrate the small wins, and recognize the actions of employees in tight spots where they acted equitably. Reinforce the understanding that doing the right thing for equity is as important as the other business concerns of the organization.

Reignite Your Customer Experience with the 5 Languages of Love

Christopher Roberts, Managing Director, Engaged Strategy & creator of the Total Engagement Model®

By Christopher Roberts | Managing Director, Engaged Strategy and creator of the Total Engagement Model®

‍The Five Love Languages have revolutionized the way we express and receive love in relationships. But did you know that these same love languages can also be applied to business relationships to create a more meaningful customer experience? Going that extra mile to understand the unique needs of your customers and speak to them in a language they understand, thus, reigniting their experience with your brand. Build stronger relationships, and ultimately increase customer loyalty via the power of the Five Languages of Love.

Applying the Five Love Languages to build business relationships

While the concept of “love” may seem too strong for some business contexts, the underlying principles that guide it are universal. These include appreciation, respect, attention, and understanding, which can be applied to customer relationships to create a more meaningful experience. By understanding the needs of your customers and speaking to them in a language they understand, you can create a deeper connection with them and foster a sense of loyalty towards your business.

Identifying Your Customer’s Love Language

The first step towards applying the Five Love Languages to business relationships is to identify your customer’s love language. Each customer is unique and may respond differently to different types of communication. Some may be more responsive to words of affirmation, while others may be more receptive to acts of service or receiving gifts.
Understanding what resonates with which customer or cohort of customers and then speaking to them in the language they understand will help you create a more meaningful customer experience.

Words of Affirmation – Show your customers that you Care

Affirmations are a very powerful love language and can be used to create a more meaningful customer experience. This involves expressing your appreciation for your customers, thanking them for their business, and providing them with the recognition they deserve. This can be done through a variety of mediums, such as in-person interactions, emails, or even social media posts.

Using words of affirmation to show your customers that you care can help create a deeper connection with them and make them feel appreciated. This, in turn, can lead to increased loyalty and higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, it can help you stand out from your competitors and show your customers that you value them and their business.

Spending Quality Time with your customers

Quality time is another powerful love language that can be used to create a more meaningful customer experience. This involves spending time with your customers and getting to know them on a deeper level. This could be done through activities such as organizing and attending customer appreciation events, inviting them to lunches or
coffees, or even just having a friendly conversation with them.

Spending quality time with your customers can help you build stronger relationships with them and make them feel valued. This, in turn, can lead to increased loyalty and higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, it can help you gain valuable insights into your customers’ requirements, which can be used to improve your products and services.

Acts of Service tell your customers that you value them

Acts of service involve going above and beyond to show your customers that you value them and their business. This can be practiced through activities such as providing special discounts or offers, offering personalized services, and providing additional support or guidance.

Using acts of service to show your customers that you value them can help create a deeper connection with them and make them feel appreciated. This often results in increased loyalty and higher customer satisfaction. It is also a powerful practice to help you stand out from your competitors and show your customers that you truly care about

Gifting is a powerful way to demonstrate your appreciation

Giving your customers gifts as a powerful way to demonstrate your appreciation for their business. This may be done via thank-you cards, providing special discounts or offers, or gifting them with products or services.

Using gifts to demonstrate your appreciation for your customers helps create a deeper connection with them and makes them feel valued. It is often found to increase loyalty and result in higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, it can help you as a business stand out from your competitors and show your customers that you are willing to go the
extra mile to show them your appreciation.

Physical Touch – Making the right connection with your customers

Culturally appropriate physical touch such as handshakes or even meeting with them personally to show appreciation or resolve an issue, and using appropriate positive language, creates a more meaningful customer experience. It also creates a deeper connection with them and makes them feel appreciated. This, in turn, can lead to
increased loyalty and higher customer satisfaction.

Leveraging the Five Love Languages to Increase Customer Loyalty

Once you have identified your customer’s love language and implemented strategies to speak to them in that language, you can leverage the Five Love Languages to strengthen the connection. By leveraging the Five Love Languages to increase customer loyalty, you can create a more meaningful customer experience and build stronger
relationships with your customers. This, in turn, can lead to increased customer satisfaction, higher retention rates, and higher customer lifetime value.

Creating a meaningful customer experience is an essential part of any successful business, and the Five Love Languages can help you do just that. By understanding the needs of your customers and speaking to them in the language they understand, you can create a deeper connection with them and foster a sense of loyalty, and increase
recommendation for your business, which will drive growth and also increase customer lifetime value.

The Total Engagement Model® is the registered trademark of Engaged Marketing Pty Ltd and Christopher Roberts.

Inorbit Mall Malad in association with Vivikta Entertainers and Vivid Arts brings you Shreya Ghoshal’s first live performance in four years on Feb 25

Mumbai(S.N)– Inorbit Mall, Malad, is all set to spark up its premises with a live performance by the very talented and much sought-after singer Shreya Ghoshal on Saturday, February 25, from 7 PM onwards. Organized by Vivikta Entertainers, this concert will be Shreya’s first live gig in Mumbai in four years.

Patrons of Inorbit Mall will be treated to a series of delightful performances by Shreya at the concert as she will be crooning to many of her popular Bollywood numbers such as Param Sundari, Haye Chaka Chaka, Main Tainu Samjhawa and Chikni Chameli among others.

Tickets for this concert can be reserved on So, grab your family and friends who are as passionate about Bollywood music as you are, and make it a night to remember at Inorbit Mall Malad! Radio City is the official Radio partner for this concert and Bank of Baroda is the Associate sponsor.

What: Live concert by Shreya Ghoshal

When: February 25, 7 PM onwards

Where: Inorbit Mall Malad

Showcasing unity in diversity, VogueStar brings unique Fashion Week cum beauty pageant

New Delhi, 23rd February 2023: VogueStar, an inclusive platform for women and the women supporting them to create their distinctive identities, will organize an all-India fashion week cum beauty pageant. The upcoming extravaganza of fashion and beauty will spread its hues in the renowned royal city of Jaipur from the 14th to the 16th of April. Celebrating the motto of unity in diversity, the grand finale of the pageant, the VogueStar Fashion Week will witness state-level winners adorning designing masterpieces created by emerging designers from across India.

Divided into two categories, the initiative will crown three national winners under Miss VogueStar India and Mrs. VogueStar India. Mrs. VogueStar India is further categorized into two groups where in the group will be for married women from the age group of 18-35 while group 2 will be for women who are between 36-50 years. The idea behind this categorization is to ensure fair competition and inclusion of women across age groups and relationship statuses to perform to the best of their abilities.

The grand finale of Miss and Mrs. VogueStar India 2023 and VogueStar Fashion Week is the first of its kind event where 600 participants from across the states have extensively been trained for six months by a team of experts. Held as the screening round, the build-up events across the states allowed both married and unmarried women to break the stereotype and pageant to be a beauty icons. The grand finale will also showcase the talented designers’ experimentation, both in fabric and silhouette to present the multicultural aspect of India.

Shedding more light on the unique concept of the grand fashion week cum beauty pageant, Kirti Choudhary, Founder, VogueStar, said, “I always wanted to challenge the existing norms of the beauty pageant industry which in my opinion are outdated and partial. The industry has always been associated with stereotypes of being a certain shape, color or size to participate in these contests. This is the time that we start appreciating women for who they are and not their physical attributes. My objective is to make people realize that women are beautiful just the way they are regardless of their shapes, sizes, skin tones, and age. VogueStar 2023 is here to redefine the convention in its truest sense and also give equal opportunity to women from across the country irrespective of their backgrounds. This platform would support women to understand their strengths and showcase them in front of the world.”

The VogueStar team comprises all female members abiding by its motto of creating a safe space for women. During the scanning rounds, VogueStar received registrations from 1200 passionate women from 28 states and eight union territories who wanted to create a mark in society. After registration, the organization hosted a state-wide beauty contest to select one winner from each region. VogueStar also trained these 700 shortlisted candidates from different cities and helped them become a better version of themselves. Out of these 200 winners will be honored during the grand finale in Jaipur.

With this VogueStar also invited budding and emerging fashion designers from all over the county to represent their state in the fashion week. The 30 selected designers are in the process of employing their imagination on fabric, embellishments, and embroidery to create an exquisite collection with a unique Indian appeal for the grand finale.

Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road Performs Complex Surgery to treat A 22-year-old Accident Victim With Multiple Injuries

dr sarang

Mumbai: A team headed by Dr. Sarang Deshpande, Consultant Orthopedic Surgery, Arthroscopy, Joint Replacement Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist. Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road gave a fresh lease of life to a 22-year-old woman who met with an accident. The patient who suffered elbow and joint injuries successfully underwent complex surgery to resume her normal routine.

Ms. Anjali Patil (Name Changed) *, a resident of Borivali, met with an accident While traveling for a weekend holiday with her family. She received primary treatment at a local hospital in the form of elbow reduction and above-elbow splints for her forearm fractures, she was bought in at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road for further treatment.

Dr. Sarang Deshpande, Consultant Orthopedic Surgery, Arthroscopy, Joint Replacement Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road said “On arrival in the emergency, Investigations confirmed multiple injuries and fractures on both side forearm bones with left elbow dislocation and right shoulder acromioclavicular joint dislocation (acute swelling and pain over the top of the shoulder). Not treating her at the right time could have led to complications, her forearm fracture fixation was planned in the first set. But while performing the surgery, the doctors found out that her left elbow was unstable and her X-rays showed a small bony fragment separated from the radial head and lodged in the joint. On further MRI scans, multiple small fragments in the joint which prevented joint relocation were found, making it a very complex case of a road accident.

Dr Deshpande added, “Arthroscopic reconstructive surgeries for road accident cases have proven beneficial as compared to injuries of athletes and other accidents. Such surgeries are performed by experts to avoid any major discrepancies. The advantage of using arthroscopy in her case was that with a very small incision, we could enter her joint, locate the fragments, and remove them with a similarly small incision. This reduced the morbidity of the procedure. Similarly, she had acromioclavicular joint dislocation by using a similar small incision, around 3 cm in length, we reduced her acromioclavicular joint and reconstructed it with a semitendinosus tendon graft from the right side. All of her four procedures were performed with minimal possible incisions and they were closed with absorbable subcuticular sutures.”

The patient is discharged and she is undergoing physiotherapy rehabilitation. She is allowed to move her hands but she still requires assistance as both of her hands are operated.

“I was unconscious after the accident and opened my eyes only in the hospital. To my dismay, I couldn’t move my hands even an inch. I feared whether I will be able to do my basic daily activities. I was disheartened but had faith in the doctors who counseled me regarding my treatment plan. They assured me that I will be able to lead my life the way I want to. I thank the doctor for carrying out complex surgeries uneventfully. I can move my hand now and hold objects like glass, keys, newspapers and take medicines by myself. I am able to eat by myself now.” Concluded the patient Anjali Patil (name changed) *.

Workshop on stem cell techniques at unveiled at Manipal Centre for Biotherapeutics Research

Workshop on stem cell techniques at unveiled at Manipal Centre for Biotherapeutics Research

Bengaluru, 23 February 2023: Manipal Centre for Biotherapeutics Research (MCBR) organized a five-day workshop entitled “Stem cell culture, functional characterization and potency assays”, which was inaugurated by Pro-Chancellor of MAHE, Dr H S Ballal. The workshop aimed to provide hands-on experience in various techniques involved in stem cell culture, functional characterization, and potency assays required to ascertain the efficacy potential of stem cells. Twelve participants from leading research institutions participated in the workshop.

During the inauguration, Dr Ballal emphasized the need for organizing such workshops in upcoming research fields like stem cells and regenerative medicine to build a talented workforce. He also appreciated the research work being carried out by MCBR and wished the participants a great learning experience.

Speaking about the workshop Dr H S Ballal, Pro-Chancellor of MAHE said, “Organizing workshops like this is crucial for the advancement of research in emerging fields like stem cells and regenerative medicine. I am glad to see the Manipal Centre for Biotherapeutics Research taking a lead in this area which will help build a talented workforce that will contribute to the growth of the healthcare industry.”

Dr VR Ravi, Director of Mothercell Regenerative Centre Pvt Ltd, Trichy said, “Stem cells have enormous potential to address various healthcare challenges. This workshop provides participants with valuable knowledge and practical experience in stem cell techniques, which is essential for developing stem cell-based therapies that can benefit patients.”

Dr Sharath Kumar Rao, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Health sciences, MAHE said “I am pleased to see the Manipal Centre for Biotherapeutics Research taking a proactive role in promoting research and innovation in the areas of cell, gene, protein, nanotechnology, regenerative medicine, and biomaterials. This workshop is an excellent example of the centre’s commitment to developing a skilled workforce and contributing to the growth of the healthcare industry.”

The workshop witnessed participation from twelve participants from leading research institutions. The inauguration function was graced by esteemed guests, including Dr H S Ballal, Pro-Chancellor of MAHE, Dr VR Ravi (MS Ortho), Director of Mothercell Regenerative Centre Pvt Ltd, Trichy, and Mr Manohar BN, MD & CEO, Stempeutics Research Pvt. Ltd., who shared their valuable insights on the importance of stem cell-based products and the challenges faced in the stem cell industry. The workshop aligns with MCBR’s vision to contribute to the advancement of science and technology and promote the development of the healthcare industry.

COGOS raises $1.2 million debt funding from Vivriti Capital

India, February 23, 2023: COGOS, India’s leading tech-logistics start-up has raised $1.2 million debt financing from Vivriti Capital, a fintech NBFC. The credit line issued will be utilised by COGOS as they head towards an aggressive expansion, since their operations are now active across the country.

Vivriti Capital is known for providing debt to mid-market corporations in India. COGOS, a rapidly growing intra-city logistics player has witnessed an uptick in its demand, and the debt funding raised from Vivriti Capital will be used to expand its national footprint and for hiring purposes.

Prasad Sreeram, CEO & Co-Founder of COGOS said: “City logistics is growing steadily and we are set to witness some high rise in demand, specifically from non-tier 1 cities. Immediate capital investment will help us combat this demand with complete efficiency. We are glad to have the support of Vivriti Capitals in issuing this credit line for us. We are determined to utilize it in our aggressive expansion plan, specifically in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.”

COGOS is backed by reputed Indian and US-based VC funds, WorldQuant Ventures, UAE-based Logistics major Transworld as well as Indian Angel Network (IAN), EV2 Ventures and Lets Venture.

Gautam Jain, Chief Business Officer at Vivriti Capital said: “We are happy to engage with COGOS and support their essential expansion into Tier II and III cities. This partnership moves Vivriti one step closer to achieving its goals since we see a big market opportunity in the mid-sized sector and are always striving to close the funding gap between these businesses and the resources that are available. We at Vivriti have been able to deliver a hassle-free flow of debt finance with maximum flexibility and short turnaround time because of the company’s strong technological and risk assessment foundation.”

In January 2023, COGOS was declared NSA winner by the Government of India on the occasion of National Startup Day under the category of Freight and Logistics services for their commendable work in the sector. In September 2021, they raised their pre-series A funding led by Transworld Group and Worldquant Ventures. COGOS very recently acquired the FMCG Modern trade business of Porter. They have aggressively increased their network, resulting in steady expansion.