VGP Marine Kingdom Brings First-Ever Mermaid Show to Chennai

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India  VGP Marine Kingdom, India’s first and largest walk-through aquarium, located at Injambakkam, Chennai, has launched its first-ever Mermaid Show, featuring synchronized swimming, acrobatics, and mesmerising underwater maneuvers of professional aquarium mermaids. The visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the mermaids, take photos/selfies and create lasting memories of the spectacular show. They can also learn about the fascinating world of marine life and conservation efforts as part of the show’s educational component, designed to inspire a deeper appreciation for oceans.

This premier marine-themed entertainment destination will conduct multiple performances of the mermaid show every day from April 12 – May 31, 2024. More details about the show and ticket booking are available at (or over the email at There is no need to buy a separate ticket. The mermaid show can be enjoyed as part of the entry ticket.

Talking about the show, Mr. Ravidas, Managing Director, VGP Marine Kingdom said, “We invite families, friends, and adventurers of all ages to dive into the enchantment of our Mermaid Show. Whether they are seeking a magical day out or a unique experience to share with loved ones, this underwater spectacle promises to leave them spellbound. They can embark on a journey beneath the waves as our talented performers bring to life the mythical allure of mermaids. Set against the backdrop of our mesmerising underwater environment, guests will witness an extraordinary display of grace, beauty, and skill.”

Nestled within the stunning underwater realm of VGP Marine Kingdom, which houses over 5000 aquatic species, native to five different habitat zones, in life-size tanks and over-head aquariums, this enchanting spectacle promises an unforgettable experience blending fantasy, imagination, and aquatic wonder that can captivate audiences of all ages.

Spanning across acres of lush landscapes, VGP Marine Kingdom offers a diverse range of attractions, including thrilling rides, interactive exhibits, and immersive experiences for visitors of all ages. With a commitment to conservation and education, VGP Marine Kingdom strives to inspire wonder and appreciation for the natural world while providing unforgettable moments of joy and discovery.

Airbnb Introduces Icons – Bollywood Star Janhvi Kapoor Opens the Door to her Legendary, Never-before-seen Family Home in Chennai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Airbnb has introduced Icons, a new category of extraordinary experiences hosted by the world’s greatest names in music, film, television, art, sports, and more. Icons take you inside worlds that only existed in your imagination—until now. Sleep in the Ferrari Museum. Stay in Prince’s Purple Rain house. Spend a day at Bollywood Icon Janhvi Kapoor’s coastal abode. The first 11 Icons on Airbnb have been unveiled, with new experiences dropping around the world throughout the year

Janhvi Kapoor’s Chennai Home on Airbnb

“Icons bring to life experiences that are magical and truly beyond imagination,” said Amanpreet Bajaj, General Manager, Airbnb India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. “As part of the Icons launch, we are thrilled to partner with Janhvi Kapoor for this special campaign, which will offer an unprecedented glimpse into Janhvi’s coastal beach home,” he added.

As part of the launch, Bollywood superstar Janhvi Kapoor is opening the doors to her family’s estate in Chennai for an experience unlike any other. Known for her charming performances on screen, Janhvi will welcome two sets of two guests each at her coastal abode as a part of this special promotional campaign.

: Janhvi Kapoor’s Beachside Paradise

Nestled on four acres of serene beachfront, Janhvi Kapoor’s coastal home is a sanctuary of tranquility and warmth. The home has been the stage for many childhood summers spent with her dear family and will now be available to select Airbnb guests for the first time ever. Guests will have the privilege of immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of the Kapoor family legacy and be able to unwind like their favorite Bollywood star during their stay.

Janhvi will personally greet the guests and escort them on an exclusive tour of her home. From the hand-crafted marble lotus sculpture gracing the entrance of the home and ushering in positive energy and good luck, to the expansive interior spaces styled in bamboo, rattan, and marble, the entire home is designed for ultimate relaxation. Within the heart of the home lies the minimalist living room, the dining area rich with cherished family memories, Janhvi’s dressing room where she develops her natural skincare treatments and the airy master bedroom. Towards the back of the house lies a vast garden dotted with palm trees and fountains, with an expansive swimming pool and shaded gazebo offering an idyllic spot to relax and enjoy an alfresco sunset.

“My most cherished memories are of summers spent with my family at our Chennai home. This place has always felt like a sanctuary, and I want to share this special feeling with my fans, which is why, for the first time ever, I’m opening the doors to our home on Airbnb. I’m excited to share our family’s rituals with Airbnb guests who will get a chance to unwind like the Kapoors – chilling by the pool, enjoying some of our favorite meals, practicing yoga, trying my mother’s natural skin care recipes, and most importantly, making special memories. I am thrilled to be a part of Airbnb’s Icons category and look forward to welcoming Airbnb guests’ home,” shared Janhvi Kapoor.

Varuna Group’s Pioneering Role in Sustainable Logistics with Climes

Gurgaon, Haryana, India Varuna Group, a leading supply chain provider, has partnered strategically with Climes, India’s leading climate finance company, to build a carbon emissions calculator for their clients.

In response to the growing demand for sustainable solutions in the logistics sector, Varuna Group is leveraging its expertise and resources to drive meaningful change. By joining forces with Climes, Varuna Group is empowering clients with a powerful tool: a dashboard that calculates their carbon footprint for all shipments. This includes their fleet as well as market vehicles. This dashboard will enable clients to gain real-time insights into their environmental impact, facilitating informed decision-making and encouraging proactive measures to reduce emissions.

Sudipt Juneja, Director and Chief Business Officer, Varuna Group said, “This collaboration highlights our dedication to cultivating sustainable business practices and promoting meaningful environmental change. Through the synergy of our efforts, we stand ready to empower organisations, providing them with insights into carbon emissions and the essential resources required to make informed decisions and achieve their sustainability goals.”

Anirudh Gupta, Co-founder, Climes said, “Backing innovation and collaboration, we are shaping the future of our business. Together, we are starting a journey, utilising our collective expertise to build a more sustainable and resilient world for future generations.”

With this collaboration, Varuna Group reaffirms its position as a pioneer in the Indian logistics and warehouse industry, setting new standards for sustainability and corporate responsibility. By providing clients with comprehensive insights into their environmental footprint, Varuna Group empowers businesses to make proactive choices that not only benefit their bottom line but also contribute to broader environmental efforts.

The easy-to-use tool built by Climes provides real-time monitoring of carbon emissions, allowing businesses to track their progress toward reduction targets and comply with regulatory requirements. Integrating seamlessly with existing systems and processes, the platform streamlines data collection and analysis, enabling organizations to optimize resource usage and minimize environmental impact.

Through this collaboration, clients of Varuna Group will gain access to the carbon emission calculator built by Climes, empowering them with the tools and insights needed to measure, analyze, and optimize their environmental performance. By using advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms, businesses can identify areas for improvement and implement targeted strategies to reduce carbon emissions across their operations.

This Mother’s Day, Skip Cliches: Gift Financial Choices on Bajaj Markets

 Bajaj Markets

Pune, Maharashtra, India  As Mother’s Day approaches, Bajaj Markets, a leading financial marketplace, offers a range of solutions to help individuals celebrate their mothers in a truly meaningful way. Secure her future, add a bit of convenience to her shopping experiences, or sponsor a special trip – do something truly special and memorable!

Gift her Convenience with Credit Cards

Those who want their mother to shop as per her needs, can choose from 30+ credit cards on Bajaj Markets. With these credit card options, she can shop, make purchases, and enjoy financial independence. Some cards may offer up to 12X reward points!

Sponsor a Special Trip with Personal Loans

A special trip with Mom can be unforgettable, with memories that last a lifetime. Those looking to make this dream trip a reality can get started, right away. A personal loan on Bajaj Markets can bring last-minute travel plans and expenses within one’s reach.

Get a personal loan of up to Rs. 50 Lakhs with interest rates starting from just 9.99%. With flexible tenures and disbursals within a few minutes, a memorable vacation is just a few clicks away.

Plan for a Secure Future with Investment Options

Individuals can choose from different investment options for their mother, on Bajaj Markets. These include fixed deposits, mutual funds, and US stocks, to name a few. With different choices to suit her diverse needs, one can ensure a stable foundation and consistent growth of savings for their mom.

While beautiful flowers and thoughtful gifts are a tradition, leave a lasting impact this Mother’s Day. Those looking to showcase their love in a way that truly resonates can explore different financial solutions on Bajaj Markets.

Crompton Setup New Manufacturing Line in its Vadodara Facility for Built-in Kitchen Appliances

Vadodara, Gujarat, India Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. (Crompton), a leading consumer electrical company in India, today announced the commencement of manufacturing and assembly operations of its built-in kitchen appliances in its Vadodara manufacturing facility.

Spread across 23 acres, this facility strengthens Crompton’s commitment to ‘Make in India’ and empowers the company to deliver its innovative product portfolio to consumers more effectively. This aligns with Crompton’s strategy of investing in robust in-house manufacturing facility to drive quality and operational excellence. The leading-edge facility incorporates superior capabilities and digital processes to optimize efficiency and quality. The new assembly line boasts minimal changeover time, enabling seamless transitions and eliminating downtime. Equipped with state-of-the-art assembly processes and features such as in-built Poka-Yoke (mistake-proofing) and automated inspection systems ensure high-quality standards.

The manufacturing setup was unveiled in the presence of the Board of Directors and leadership team of Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Speaking at the inauguration of the setup, Mr. Promeet Ghosh, MD & CEO, said, “The kitchen is a strategic space for Crompton, and will be an important driver of our future growth. The Vadodara set-up will further strengthen our position in offering superior quality ‘made in India’ products. With a focus on innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction, we are confident that this facility will play a pivotal role by bringing forth new-age kitchen appliances with excellent quality & finesse.”

Highlighting the quality offerings, Mr. Pravin Saraf, Head – Manufacturing, Planning & Logistics said, “We are excited to launch the new manufacturing line that not only boosts our production capabilities but also reinforces our commitment to quality and innovation. The implementation of advanced technologies demonstrates Crompton’s commitment to providing superior quality kitchen appliances.”

Mr. Nitesh Mathur, Business head – Built-in kitchen appliances said, “Crompton has a deep understanding of its target consumer segment and is committed towards offering a differentiated product range. Focused on providing meaningful value proposition led by superior quality and our proven business model positions us well to scale up the business. This facility further strengthens our capabilities and enables us to gain market share in line with our long-term ambitions.”

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. expresses its gratitude to its valued consumers, channel partners, suppliers, stakeholders, and investors for their continued support. With this new facility, Crompton remains committed to meeting customer expectations through innovation and high-quality products and services.

Airtel and TechGig Conclude 1st Edition of ‘She Codes’

Airtel and TechGig

Gurugram, Haryana, India  Airtel, a leading telecom services provider in India, recently concluded ‘SheCodes,’ an annual hackathon hosted in collaboration with TechGig, the country’s largest developer community. The campaign aimed at championing and elevating female talent within the tech industry, announcing the top winning students who, along with prizes, will get placement opportunities to work with India’s leading tech giant.

The coding competition, which ran from April 16th to May 2nd, 2024, aimed at recruiting young technical leaders in the Network and Digital domains of Airtel. A total of 4,104 registered participants took part in three rounds that tested their domain expertise, problem-solving abilities, and agility. Through a series of challenges, participants showcased their coding prowess and innovative thinking.

The grand finale, held on May 1st, 2024, at the Airtel head office in Gurugram, saw the top teams compete for the top prizes. Subsequently, finalists underwent interviews for potential positions at Airtel. The shortlisted candidates will join Airtel in July 2025.

The following winners were announced: Ananya Bansal, Sanya Mahajan, Vanshika Khurana, and Suhana Khandelwal as part of the team Network-X.

Sanjay Goyal, Business Head of TechGig, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Airtel represents a significant step towards empowering talented coders. Through this campaign, we aim to bridge the gender gap in the tech community and create a brighter future for Indian female talent.”

Amrita Padda, Chief People Officer at Airtel, highlighted the company’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech sector, saying, “We are immensely proud of the overwhelming response and enthusiasm we received for ‘SheCodes’. This initiative not only underlines our commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity but also serves as a platform to identify and nurture the next generation of female tech leaders.”

The Convergence Foundation and India Impact Sherpas Release a First-of-its-kind Report on Systems Change in the Indian Context

The Convergence Foundation

New Delhi, Delhi, India  The Convergence Foundation, in collaboration with India Impact Sherpas, released their seminal report titled, ‘Systemic Impact Exemplars: Unique Approaches Towards Solving India’s Development Challenges.’ This report aims to identify and learn from organizations that have achieved significant impact by adopting the systems change approach.

These organizations-System Support Organisations (SSOs)-work in close collaboration with governments at the Centre as well as State levels, to create impact at a large scale. In addition to working with the governments and aiming for impact at the population scale, systems change involves solving the problem at the root cause; no quick fixes or band-aid solutions.

The Central and State Governments in India already spend a lot on social and economic development. In 2022-23, the cumulative social expenditure by the Central and State Governments amounted to Rs. 21.03 lakh crore, according to the Reserve Bank of India. However, despite substantial investments by the Indian government, there is still potential for accelerating progress towards achieving India’s development goals. More SSOs need to work with governments to provide technical and programmatic support for population-level impact. With this report, The Convergence Foundation and India Impact Sherpas aim to offer an actionable framework on how SSOs can work with governments to create outsized impact.

The report profiles 20 of India’s leading SSOs, shedding light on their innovative strategies and impactful initiatives. By showcasing real-world examples, the report seeks to inspire and inform other nonprofits, providing valuable insights into what works in the Indian context.

At the launch event, Vini Mahajan, Secretary, of the Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Ministry of Jal Shakti, commended the work and contributions of the 20 organizations profiled in the report. “Nonprofit organizations that have adopted the system change approach by implementing scalable pilots and working meaningfully with governments can contribute to large-scale change,” she said.

Ashish Dhawan, Founder and CEO of The Convergence Foundation, emphasized the importance of systems change in addressing the country’s complex challenges. He said, “The systems change approach is a pivotal idea that has the highest potential for transformation. We conceptualized this report to identify and learn from leading Indian organizations that have adopted systems change to inspire and inform other social purpose organizations by building evidence on what works in the Indian context.”

Highlighting the criticality of adequate financial resources to take on the country’s sticky challenges, Hari Menon, Director, India Country Office, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said that “Systems change, anchored by government and supported by partners, holds the potential to deliver long-term transformation, enhancing the efficiency of development programs and creating lasting impacts on people’s lives. Achieving such change, however, takes time and will require philanthropists and other funders to provide committed support for organizations partnering with the government on systems change over an extended period of time.”

The report comprehensively examines various systems change practices, including

  • Creating demand and alignment for change
  • Grounding the Theory of Change in data, evidence, and research
  • Informing the design and implementation of policy
  • Designing and demonstrating scalable solutions
  • Investing in population-scale platforms
  • Strengthening institutional capacity in government
  • Building partner networks for scale
  • Creating viable markets for the underprivileged.

Each of these practices is explored in depth, providing valuable insights for organizations seeking to drive systemic impact and create meaningful change in India’s development landscape. The report serves as a comprehensive knowledge resource, intended to shape thinking on systems change. It outlines frameworks for how social purpose organizations can adopt it, and offers models on how SSOs can create disproportionate impact.

The Perfect Ayurvedic Gift Guide for Mother’s Day from Kama Ayurveda

The Perfect Ayurvedic Gift Guide

Delhi, India  This Mother’s Day, delight your mom with thoughtful gifts from Kama Ayurveda. Let her indulge in the brand’s exquisite Ayurvedic beauty essentials – from luxurious youth sculpting face oils to her everyday must-haves, we have the perfect gifts to spoil her. The products are all botanical-powered formulations in modern textures, adding a touch of Ayurvedic goodness to her skincare routine.

Explore Kama Ayurveda’s special assortment at

Dipti: Brilliance Beauty Box: A gently purifying cleanse to start off your regime! This all-in-one gift set includes a Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser, Nalpamaradi Thailam Skin Brightening Treatment, Pure Vetiver Water, Neem Tulsi Tea Tree Body Scrub, and an Eladi Hydrating Face Cream. All the products are carefully crafted with specific ingredients to address your skin’s unique needs.

Rose Essential Gift Box: An exceptional formulation infused with wonder herbs, including Kannauj Rose, specially designed to hydrate your skin. The box combines five-star products: Rose Cinnamon and Orange Soap, Rose and Jasmine Bath and Body Oil, Rose Lip Care, Rose and Jasmine Face Cleanser, and Pure Rosewater.

10 Piece Bestseller Gift Box: Help your mom turn back the clock with 10 of Kama Ayurveda’s best-selling products for the face, body, and hair that are gentle, effective, and authentic. Rediscover a sumptuous summer blend of herbs in this limited-edition selection, including Pure Rosewater, Pure Neroli Water, Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser, Bringadi Hair Cleanser, Mridul Soap Free Cleanser, Eladi Hydrating Face Cream, Hand Cream, Nalpamaradi Thailam Skin Brightening Treatment, Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil, and Bringadi Hair Conditioner.

Radiance Box: In today’s hustling world, carving out time for self-care can be challenging. While we may long for the simplicity of our grandmother’s homemade beauty remedies, the reality is that our busy schedules leave little room for such indulgences; With its Radiance Box, Kama Ayurveda gives you a chance to experience the goodness of pure, time-tested Ayurvedic beauty treatments. The luxurious assortment comes with a Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub, Kumkumadi Biphase Brightening Bi-Phase Essence, Kokum Almond Body Butter, Rejuvenating & Brightening Night Cream, and Turmeric & Myrrh Skin Brightening Soap.

Mother’s Day Box: The Mother’s Day Box is intricately curated to pamper our mothers’ and caretakers with love. The box features the benefits of turmeric and rose water, containing products such as Suvarna Haldi Chandan Bright Face Pack, Pure Rosewater, Eladi Hydrating Light Cream, and All Natural Sunscreen. Moreover, the box also offers flexibility with its customizable medium-sized empty box. Send it to your mom and make her feel unique beyond words.

Gift Card: This Mother’s Day, gift your mom the entire Ayurvedic world to choose from. The Kama Ayurveda gift card comes in two beautiful designs and is sent to the inbox of your loved one. This gift card is a one-stop solution for all your gifting needs. Accessible from anywhere, this can be redeemed at and all exclusive brand outlets in India.

This Mother’s Day Explore Unique and Thoughtful Jewellery Gifts with Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery

Bangalore, Karnataka, India  Kushal’s, India’s leading fashion jewelry brand, unveils its Mother’s Day Collection celebrating the timeless bond between mothers and daughters. The lineup offers a stunning array of curated jewellery pieces designed to captivate hearts embodying the essence of style and elegance.

With meticulous attention to detail, Kushal’s Mother’s Day Collection is carefully curated, featuring an exquisite range of designs including necklaces, earrings, kadas, and bracelets, all crafted with precision and care. Whether it’s the delicate allure of antique pearl drop earrings, emitting an understated charm, or the dazzling elegance of an encrusted necklace, from enduring pendants to streamlined bracelets; these jewelry pieces are poised to become treasured additions to every mother’s ensemble.

Kundan jewelry, embellished with a resplendent gold finish, captivating zircon sets gleaming in luminous rose-gold accents—each piece embodies a sense of refined grace. Elaborately woven floral motifs adorn the antique jewelry collection, evoking an aura of timeless beauty. Meanwhile, rhodium-finished sterling silver pieces showcase contemporary silhouettes that exude effortlessly chic sophistication.

Ankit Gulechha, Director – Marketing at Kushal’s, said, “I am thrilled to introduce our Mother’s Day Collection, which embodies Kushal’s ethos of elegance, craftsmanship and love, offering a diverse array of jewellery pieces meticulously designed to celebrate all remarkable mothers. As a one-stop destination for fashion jewellery, we are committed to providing a wide variety of options. From modern classics to statement pieces, the collection is a reflection of the enduring love and appreciation we hold for the women who inspire us every day.”

Kushal’s commitment to championing self-expression and confidence in every woman is evident as the brand encourages corporate working mothers to indulge in the act of self-gifting, thus recognizing the importance of nurturing one’s own spirit amidst the hustle of daily life. With meticulously crafted Sterling Silver pieces like floral cluster necklace, dainty earrings with leaf motifs, and chain bracelets with drop designs, Kushal’s offers more than just accessories. It offers a symbol of strength, resilience, and individuality. Embracing classic designs like clean lines, geometric shapes and sleek silhouettes that speak volumes, these pieces are a perfect companion for women who seamlessly navigate between boardrooms and family life, exuding effortless style with every step they take.

Understanding that each jewellery gift holds a unique sentiment and story, Kushal’s has recently introduced Wrapped By Kushal’s on Through this new feature, consumers can add a heartfelt touch to their Mother’s Day gifting. From video messages that convey emotions most authentically, to personalized message cards that capture sentiments along with bespoke packaging options that elevate the Mother’s Day gifting experience. With Wrapped By Kushal every jewelry item becomes an expression of love, thoughtfulness, and appreciation crafted to delight both the giver and the recipient.

Kushal’s is committed to offer a smooth omni-channel presence, ensuring a seamless shopping experience both online and offline. The Mother’s Day Collection is conveniently available at 85+ experiential brand stores located in over 25 key cities across India, as well as on the brand’s online website

Truecaller announces updated subscription packages for its Verified Business Caller ID solution

Bangalore, Karnataka, India  Truecaller, the leading platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communication, trusted by millions worldwide, has launched its updated subscription plans for the Verified Business Caller ID solution. Starting 6th May 2024 the revised subscription packages and pricing will apply to all new and current business customers upon their upcoming renewals or upgrades.

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution updated subscription packages, Growth, and Enterprise plans are tailored to empower early/mid-stage companies as well as large enterprises The Growth Plan is best suited to early/mid-size companies looking to scale their business and establish a strong market to build trust and enhance brand visibility through its flagship Verified Business Caller ID.

The Enterprise Plan is designed for large, established businesses that need scalable solutions to support their extensive user bases across various products, services, departments, or regions. These organizations require robust and more adaptable systems to manage their operations effectively. The Enterprise plan supports these businesses with advanced capabilities and deeper product integration with their communication infrastructure.

With more comprehensive analytics and advanced reporting capabilities, the updated subscription plans are designed to provide deeper insights and CX productivity, enabling businesses to refine their communication strategies effectively. Deeper integration capabilities, including Call Personalization APIs, are available to support large businesses with increasingly complex integration and customization needs.

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution empowers business calls with brand identity and context, fostering reliable customer communication. So far, over 2500+ active businesses across India and other vital global markets have benefitted from the solution and other advanced communication capabilities. Besides improving business call efficiency, the solution has significantly reduced phone call-related frauds and scams, promoting heightened customer safety in business communications.