Special Fragrances to Inspire Valentine’s Day Romance by French Essence

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s got major gift-giving potential.
While each day is special when you are in love, this is your chance to make your partner feel extra special by expressing your love through gifts or words. So why not forgo the tradition of flowers and chocolates and opt for more practical gifts this year that will make you famous with your partner?

French Essence has put together special gift sets this Valentine’s Day that will totally make your leading lady or man swoon, while maybe even taking your relationship to the next level.

Luxury Perfume Gift Sets for Men and Women (INR 999)

The gift set includes variants like Grace which is a blast of floral and citrusy goodness; Intense and Bloom which have woody, spicy & earthy Fragrance; Amber Magic which takes its inspiration from Exotic flowers from French fields; Recharge, Triumph and Oud has Fresh citrusy notes blended with the sweetness of coconut, along with spicy and woody patchouli

Perfume & Deodorant Gift Set – Intense | Luxury Long Lasting Fragrance | Premium Body Spray | Combo Pack (INR 749)

A perfect gift for any event or celebration, this set of deodorant and perfume is carefully crafted for your loved ones.

Perfume & Deodorant Gift Set – Oud | Luxury Long Lasting Fragrance | Premium Body Spray | Unisex Gift Pack | Combo Pack (INR 749)
A perfect gift for all occasions, the Oud deodorant and perfume set is a heady indulgence of woody notes, from the exotic lands of Arabia

Perfume & Deodorant Gift Set – Bloom | Luxury Long Lasting Fragrance | Premium Body Spray | Gift Kit | Combo Pack (INR 749)
A gift set that can make the receiver feel oh-so-special…Grace deodorant and perfume entice you with the magical sweetness of French flowers blended with tangy citrus.

Perfume & Deodorant Gift Set – Grace | Luxury Long Lasting Fragrance | Premium Body Spray | Gift Kit | Combo Pack (INR 749)
A gift set that brings one closer to nature, Grace Perfume and deodorant have a splash of floral and fruity freshness… Perfect for those dear to you!

Available at their Website – www.frenchessence.com, Amazon, and Flipkart.

Besides these gift packs, French Essence is having an unmissable sale on their website from 8th February – 15th February where you’ll get up to 40% off.

French Essence believes that Valentine’s Day’s not only about couples celebrating their love. It’s also a day when you cherish everything and everyone you love. So, whether you’re shopping for your partner, your friend, your sister, your mum, or even yourself, French Essence has got you covered.

Capture reminiscence of love with Jewellery Designer Archana Aggarwal’s Valentine’s Day Collection

Love can’t be defined. It is an emotion that is differently placed in everyone’s heart. Valentine’s Day becomes a medium to express your affection and feelings to your loved ones. An aura of unsaid passion and sentiments is spread. Zest of love surrounds the dreams. If you are single, you begin to procrastinate and if you are in a relationship, you begin to ponder upon bestowing a present. Take a deep breath and think about what surprises your love! Feeling a bit confused, don’t worry, we have a solution to your problem!

Archana Aggarwal’s latest collection will be a spellbound tour, Valentine. The perfect gift for beaus, darlings, and single pals that encapsulates romantic feelings or self-love. Her collection enthralls the presence and creates an angelic look. The embellishments radiate the essence of togetherness and intimacy. Each piece hones the look creating a youthful appearance. The pristine collection sets your mood and attracts attention from the rest. The fusion of traditional and contemporary styles satisfies the fashion palette. The collection diffuses bounce and vibrance.

Price: On request

Showroom: Ambawatta One, H-5/1, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi 110030

An intimate romantic getaway with Ocean Villas at OBLU Select Sangeli

Nothing beats a romantic getaway to The Maldives, especially around Valentine’s Day. Consider the spectacular views, tranquil cottages, and intimate candlelit dinners as examples of the kind of mastery we seek when celebrating love. Delve yourself in the charm and splendor of Sangeli island, which has 137 solitary villas divided into six categories and is positioned in the Maldives. These villas, which are spread along the white beaches and hoisted on stilts over the cove, meld tropical and contemporary design with captivating interiors.

The beachfront honeymoon suites have a plush enclosed patio with sunbeds and homely reclining, as well as an incredible private pool, thereby making them the perfect romantic hideaway for newlyweds and couples. Glamorous decor and a chic lasting impression establish an affectionate nest from which to enjoy magnificent sunset views and direct lagoon availability. The property only has six overwater Maldives honeymoon suites with retractable roofs, each with a plush round bed overlooking the lagoon, a soulful round bathtub, mirrored walls and ceilings, clerestories, and more. From luxe toiletries to the all-essential complimentary Wi-Fi, you’ll find everything you need for an extravagant stay. The mini-bar is replenished daily with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as a selection of snacks.

Experience a variety of dishes artfully served in gorgeous island settings at some of the finest Maldives restaurants. Choose from four outlets – changing buffet experiences in The Courtyard, snacks at The Sangs, or visit their specialty restaurants – Just Grill or Just Wok. And beyond gourmet food, enjoy the finest cocktails, wines, and drinks all day long.

Sangeli is also ideal for adventure seekers who want to explore the Maldives’ underwater world entirely on their own. The resort has a sandy lagoon as well as a sheer coral cliff edge with a rope attached to buoys that enable semi to snorkel on their own.

This Valentine’s Day, immerse yourself in the charm of the Maldivian ocean breeze with your beloved and revel in romance at the ocean villas at OBLU Select Sangeli that provide the perfect romantic setting to celebrate the day of love.

Tips to keep your heart healthy during winters

By Dr. Brajmohan Singh, Consultant – Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, HCG Hospitals Bhavnagar.

Our heart beats around 2.5 billion times in the average lifetime, circulating millions of gallons of blood throughout the body. This blood carries oxygen, fuel, hormones, and several other essential compounds that our body requires to stay functional. The heart’s workload is never ending, and it keeps on beating and keeps us alive. When the heart stops, almost all essential functions of the body fail. Poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, infection, genetic issues are some common risk factors that cause various heart-related disorders. While winters are favorite for a large number of people in our country owing to the comfortable cold weather, it is also the time when one must be cautious about keeping one’s heart healthy. This is because winters are found to increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Here’s why and what to do to amp up heart health during winter.

How winters affect the heart health

The cold weather during winter contracts the blood vessels, thereby narrowing them. This results in increased blood pressure which enhances the risk of heart attack and stroke. Also, angina – chest pain due to coronary heart disease may worsen in the winter as the coronary vessels get narrowed. Also, the cold weather puts extra pressure on the heart as it has to work harder to maintain a healthy body temperature against the cold wind which makes the body lose more heat at a faster rate. In extreme cases, hypothermia can occur when the body temperature drops below 95 degrees and that could damage the heart muscle.

Here are various ways by which cold weather can affect one’s heart and what can be done to protect heart health.

Cold weather: Chilly winds and cold can cause arteries to narrow, restricting blood flow to the heart. Doing strenuous activities that put pressure on the heart at this time can make one more prone to a heart attack or stroke. Also, those with persistent heart disease must be more conscious during winter as it could aggravate and cause chest pain or trigger an attack.

Watch out for the signs of heart attack

The most common sign of a heart attack is acute chest pain. While men may experience nausea and dizziness, heart attacks among women are mostly asymptomatic which could lead to disregarding the signs.

Seasonal flu: Winters are known for influenza or flu including inflammation, dehydration, and fever. These could enhance the stress on the heart. It has been observed that the risk of getting a heart attack after getting the flu increases by 6 times.

Sedentary lifestyle: When winter, one prefers to stay indoors and become inactive. A sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for heart health and can anyway increase the risk of heart-related issues.

Overindulgence: It is hard to resist alcohol and comfort foods during winter but excessive consumption of alcohol and oily foods can increase the risk of heart attacks. One can, however, choose healthy food to warm up during winter like low-sodium, cream-free soups, oatmeal, roasted carrots, and other winter veggies.

Tips to keep the heart healthy during winter

  •  Strenuous exercise must be avoided as that could put excessive pressure on heart health
  •  One must dress in layers so that it is easier to remove clothing as overheating may also trigger a heart attack or stroke.
  •  One must avoid excessive alcohol as it can make one feel warmer than the body temperature and can be specifically dangerous when one steps out in the cold.
  •  Washing hands frequently ensure keeping flu and other respiratory infections at bay. Respiratory infections can also increase the risk of a heart attack.

One must get clinical help at once if one experiences any signs of heart-related disorders.

Over 38% of India Inc believes that work spillover has a detrimental effect on employees resulting in anxiety and stress, says a report by Genius Consultants Ltd

India, 08 February 2023: Genius Consultants Limited, India’s leading Integrated HR Solutions provider, recently conducted a comprehensive nationwide survey on “Work Spillover and Carrying Back Work at Home.” The entire process conducted between November 16th, 2022, and December 16th, 2022, has received participation from 1173 individuals across various sectors.

Work spillover has been identified into two categories mainly- Positive & Negative. While Positive spillover can occur when an employee’s job satisfaction and positive experiences at work lead to improved mood and well-being outside of work. On the other hand, negative spillover can occur when an employee’s job stress and undesirable experiences at work lead to adverse effects on their mood and well-being outside of work, potentially leading to burnout.

The survey revealed that 38% of India Inc believe that work spillover has a negative effect on employees, causing increased levels of anxiety and stress in their daily lives. Despite the fact that a significant portion of employees engages in this practice, a notable 37% of respondents expressed their opposition to it. The survey was designed to gather insights from employees and aimed to investigate the prevalence of work spillover and the carrying of work back home.

The study conducted by Genius Consultants Limited has unveiled that a majority of 52% of participants carry their work back home as a result of excessive pressure and an overburdening workload. Additionally, 39% of participants have attributed this trend to unjustified work timelines and persistent follow-ups from senior management while the remaining 9% have called out unsupportive or unskilled team members as a reason for carrying work back home to meet work delivery timelines. Furthermore, a significant 32% of participants acknowledged that work spillover leads to reduced family time, while 23% cited decreased work efficiency and productivity as a consequence. The study also highlighted that not only does work spillover cause increased anxiety and stress, but an overwhelming 37% of participants concurred that they are often required to work on holidays and during leaves. A mere 30% reported not preferring to engage in work-related activities while on leave, while 21% of participants considered this to be a necessity based on the urgency of the job.

The prevalent issue of work spillover has been widely acknowledged, yet a significant 32% of participants in the survey expressed confidence in the resolution of this problem through the development of a skilled team through training. Moreover, 38% of participants believed that the redistribution of workload could effectively address the crisis. On the other hand, a handful of 10% placed their trust in senior management and sought their support in addressing this issue.

Commenting on the same, R P Yadav, CMD, Genius Consultants Ltd. shared his thoughts on the survey results, stating “Given the current situation of work spillover, it is imperative for employees to establish clear boundaries and effectively manage their time to avoid burnout. Employers must also shoulder the responsibility of providing their employees with the necessary resources and support to manage their workloads. The daily struggles of individuals have taken a toll on the mental health of many employees. However, effective communication between employees and employers can help to alleviate this problem and foster a better understanding among them. We firmly believe that conducting such surveys periodically is essential to gather valuable Industry perspectives on pressing issues.”

The survey was conducted on all social media platforms – Official GCL pages of LinkedIn, LinkedIn Polls, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, relevant Facebook groups, and Google Free Sites (Survey Monkey, Type form, Google forms, etc.).

Godrej democratises household insecticide formats through breakthrough innovation

Bangalore, February 08, 2023: India takes a giant leap in the global fight against mosquito-borne diseases. Two homegrown innovations; the world’s lowest-cost liquid mosquito repellent device and a no-gas instant mosquito–kill spray developed by Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), were launched in the presence of experts from the National Center for Vector Borne Diseases Control, Malaria No More India, Fortis Hospital Noida, among others.

Branded Goodknight Mini Liquid and HIT No-Gas Spray, these innovations make safe & smoke-free mosquito protection accessible for lower-income consumers. Many of them today use unsafe and unregulated high-smoke incense sticks. Doctors caution against using these spurious repellent incense sticks as they may cause bronchitis, asthma, reactive airway disease, and other conditions. Till now, regulated and safe non-smoke solutions, while widely known, were only available at higher prices and with features that did not suit the needs of these consumers.

GCPL understood these needs in-depth and has developed innovations with breakthrough R&D. Firstly, by recognizing that many lower-income households have high mosquito infestation through the night and therefore need a consistent high repellent effect. This resulted in the engineering of Goodknight Mini as a single-mode machine giving high all-night efficacy. Priced at just INR 50 (Repellent Machine + Refill) and refills for INR 35/-, this solution only costs INR 2.5 for a night’s use. With electrification in India crossing the 95%+ milestone (as per The National Family Health Survey – 5 reports released in March 2022), the device is expected to gain wide adoption.

Secondly, because lower-income households have relatively smaller rooms, expensive LPG-based aerosol sprays designed for a large spread in big rooms were not suitable. GCPL took inspiration from no-gas deodorants and developed HIT No-Gas Spray, an innovative instant mosquito-kill, water-based spray for as low as INR 1.5 per use occasion. As per the tests undertaken by GCPL, HIT No-Gas Spray kills mosquitoes faster than spurious incense sticks while being completely safe & smoke-free.

Commenting on the affordable innovations, Sudhir Sitapati, MD & CEO, of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), said, “We have made great progress so far to lessen the impact of mosquito-borne diseases. The way forward, however, calls for empowering people, especially in small cities, towns, and rural areas. Liquid repellents & aerosols are the most effective solution against mosquitoes, but they remained largely inaccessible to lower-income households due to high pricing. We at GCPL, are proud to introduce the Goodknight Mini and HIT No-Gas Spray. These innovations bring down the cost of liquid repellent and spray categories in India by up to 50% and thus make them accessible to everyone. With these innovations, we are democratizing safe mosquito repellents for lower-income consumers. Supporting the government’s vision of easing the nation’s health burden is our greater commitment.”

Speaking as part of a panel discussion at the launch event, Pratik Kumar, Country Director, of Malaria No More India, opined, “Mosquito-borne diseases, particularly Malaria, has been a public health issue and our goal should be its complete eradication. If we are to enable our Prime Minister’s vision of Malaria free by 2030, we need a different strategy that goes beyond prevention and ensures elimination. New-age tools and technologies will play a vital role. Private health providers have a major role to play. Malaria elimination needs all sections to join hands to focus on a disease that needs more attention. We must develop new solutions, and high-end technology to accelerate access and timely last-mile intervention. More importantly, enabling lower income groups with low-cost solutions in high endemic zones should be a key focus area amongst the next steps.”

“Factors such as climate change have led to increased occurrence of malaria and dengue, leading to a significant rise in the disease burden on the country. While the medical fraternity researches and develops advanced treatments to aid quick recovery, it also becomes important for people to adopt prevention strategies to safeguard themselves, in this case, from mosquito-borne diseases. Although the general public is aware of the need for mosquito protection, they frequently turn to dangerous and unregulated alternatives like repellent incense sticks/ agarbattis, which can lead to more diseases and respiratory illnesses. Although these repellent incense sticks are less expensive, few people are aware of their detrimental effects on health. Thus, Innovation and democratization of practical, cost-efficient solutions that guarantee everyone’s protection are urgently needed”, added, Dr.Rahul Sharma, Additional Director – Pulmonology & Critical Care, at Fortis Hospital, Noida.

GCPL remains committed towards reducing the impact of vector-borne diseases in the country. Through its flagship brands like Goodknight and HIT, the company has over the years introduced many innovations across formats.

In 2016, GCPL also launched its CSR effort, the Elimination of Vector-Borne Endemic Diseases (EMBED) Project – in sync with India’s national goal of malaria elimination by 2030. This program is being implemented by Family Health India (FHI) in collaboration with NGO partners and the Health Department of the Government of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. EMBED aims to reduce morbidity and mortality due to malaria, dengue, and chikungunya in high-burden areas. To date, EMBED has been implemented in 9 districts of Madhya Pradesh, 4 districts in Uttar Pradesh, and 2 districts in Chhattisgarh reaching over 5 lakh households across 2,000+ villages. GCP L’s EMBED program has been successful in creating a scalable model that can help high-burden villages of India achieve the goal of malaria elimination by 2030.

With continued efforts to bring about a larger change, GCP L’s new low-cost innovation supports the government’s vision of a nation that is free of vector-borne diseases.

India’s Moon Man, Vande Bharat Innovator to deliver Inaugural Illuminate Address, Joint Initiative by L&T Technology Services and The National Institute of Engineering

Bangalore, February 8, 2023: Illuminate, a joint initiative by L&T Technology Services (LTTS) and The National Institute of Engineering (NIE), is scheduled for Saturday, February 11, 2023, at the Karnataka State Open University Convocation Hall from 10.30 AM onwards. The event, a first-of-its-kind initiative by the leading global ER&D major and the premier engineering institute in Mysuru, will focus on nurturing engineering excellence among young students, engineering professionals, and the wider audience.

Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, Padma Shri awardee popularly known as the ‘Moon Man of India,’ and Shri Sudhanshu Mani, the innovator of the Vande Bharat Express, are scheduled to be the lead speakers at the inaugural edition. Illuminate will focus on shedding new light on exciting engineering scenarios, and is visualized as a shared platform for gathering, highlighting, and showcasing technical insights from some of the leading practitioners who are reshaping the global engineering landscape.

The National Institute of Engineering is ranked amongst the top engineering colleges in India. It has established 14 Centres of Excellence (CoE) in collaboration with the industry and alumni to enrich research and consultancy activities to make the course curriculum more meaningful with contemporary teaching methods. In its inaugural edition, Illuminate will be a collaboration between LTTS, a bellwether in engineering services, and NIE to foster the spirit of excellence that seeks to bring forth modern engineering advancements and provide a perspective from the industry and academia. This is a joint platform for sharing technical know-how, and expertise from some of the leading practitioners who are reshaping the global engineering landscape.

Abhishek Sinha, Chief Operating Officer and Board Member, L&T Technology Services said, “India has been redefining the global landscape with big-ticket infrastructure and development initiatives for the welfare of its citizens. Engineering is a key enabler for these transformative initiatives. Through our Illuminate series, we aim to draw home inspiring stories of grit and brilliance from the best engineering minds in India”.

Dr. Ganesh Prasad, Vice Principal, NIE commented, “Aspiring engineers need to gain exposure in form of such knowledge series from industry stalwarts. The Illuminate series, in association with LTTS, helps establish direct industry-academia connections and ensures knowledge transfer in an informal setting. It is an honor to host Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai and Sudhanshu Mani, and we look forward to more similar opportunities in the future.”

Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai is engaged with Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology (TNSCST) as Vice President. He is credited with driving Chandrayaan-1 and Mangalyaan, India’s venture to the Moon and Mars, respectively. He is an internationally acclaimed scientist with a career spanning over 36 years.

Sudhanshu Mani, the designing brain behind the recently rolled out Vande Bharat Express, was instrumental in ensuring delivery within a short duration of about 18 months. He has had an illustrious career of 38 years with Indian Railways.

Illuminate will be attended in person by a large section of people including scientists, engineers, industry leaders, government officials, academia, students, and journalists.

Shell Lubricants launches Shell Helix HX8 0W-20 in collaboration with MARVEL Heroes Unite

India, February 08, 2023 – Shell, the world leader in finished lubricants, has announced the newest addition to its passenger car motor oils portfolio – Shell Helix SP HX8 0W-20. This fully synthetic, BS VI-compliant, engine oil designed for modern turbocharged engines is being launched in an exciting collaboration between Shell and MARVEL Heroes Unite.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Amit Ghugre, Automotive Sales and Marketing Manager, at Shell Lubricants India, said, “As the world’s leading lubricant supplier, we create future-ready products and solutions. We expect the Helix SP HX8 0W-20 segment to become consumers’ primary choice in the next few years, based on both OEM recommendations and a need for more fuel-efficient lubricants. With this product launch, we are strategically investing in future demand creation, while bringing an exciting consumer brand collaboration with Marvel to the consumers”.

Driven by the need of fuel economy, lower emissions, and changes in engine design, modern cars need exceptional engine oil. Shell Helix HX8 SP 0W-20 is formulated with Flexi Molecule Technology that continuously adapts to engine conditions, to ensure more protection. Shell Helix HX8 SP 0W-20 is specially designed for modern turbocharged petrol direct injection (TGDI) engines to protect against damaging low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI).

Shell Helix HX8 SP 0W-20 has been introduced in India with the latest API engine oil standard for passenger car motor oils that aim to meet the demanding needs of turbocharged petrol direct injection (TGDI) engines, the use of which is increasing because of the need to reduce environmental pollution and fuel use.

The collaboration offers motorists a chance to win exclusive MARVEL prizes* on the purchase of every 3L and 3.5L Shell Helix HX8 0W-20 packs across the nearest Shell branded workshop or retail outlet. Shell Helix HX8 is available nationwide at MRP INR 2730 for a 3.5L pack.

*T&C Apply, please visit – www.shell.in/shellhelixhx8promo to know more.

Notes to editors

Shell is one of the most diversified international energy company in India with over 10000 employees and presence across upstream, integrated gas, downstream, renewable energy, and deep capabilities in R&D, digitalization, and business operations. With a retail presence across six states – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Assam, Shell is expanding its network of fuel stations across the country. It has the entire Lubricants end-to-end value chain in India, from conceptualization and development, to production and distribution. Serving 50000 consumers through a robust network of 200+ distributors across B2C and B2B lines of Sales. This includes a world class lubricant oil blending plant that manages a large supply chain through a network of 4 Regional Distribution Centers and 8 warehouses. The company also fully owns and operates an LNG re-gasification terminal at Hazira. With a focus on digitization and future-ready sustainable solutions, the company is nurturing a vibrant ecosystem in India to accelerate energy innovations with Shell E4 for start-ups, Shell Eco-marathon, and investments in new energy companies like Husk Power, d.light, Orb Energy, and Cleantech Solar. Shell also remains committed to making positive contributions to the communities in which it operates through programmes like NXplorers, Access to Energy, and Road Safety across India. Follow @shell_India @makethefuture @shell_ecomar to know how it is redefining the energy space.

Shell plc

Shell plc is incorporated in England and Wales, has its headquarters in The Hague, and is listed on the London, Amsterdam, and New York stock exchanges. Shell companies have operations in more than 70 countries and territories with businesses including oil and gas exploration and production; production and marketing of liquefied natural gas and gas to liquids; manufacturing, marketing, and shipping of oil products and chemicals and renewable energy projects. For further information, visit www.shell.com.


Edelman India – Kashish Wadhwa; kashish.wadhwa@edelman.com; +91 9643037393

Cautionary Note

The companies in which Shell plc, directly and indirectly, owns investments are separate legal entities. In this [press release] “Shell”, “Shell Group” and “Group” are sometimes used for convenience where references are made to Shell plc and its subsidiaries in general. Likewise, the words “we”, “us” and “our” are also used to refer to Shell plc and its subsidiaries in general or to those who work for them. These terms are also used where no useful purpose is served by identifying the particular entity or entities. ‘‘Subsidiaries’’, “Shell subsidiaries” and “Shell companies” as used in this [press release] refer to entities over which Shell plc either directly or indirectly has control. Entities and unincorporated arrangements over which Shell has joint control are generally referred to as “joint ventures” and “joint operations”, respectively. “Joint ventures” and “joint operations” are collectively referred to as “joint arrangements”. Entities over which Shell has significant influence but neither control nor joint control are referred to as “associates”. The term “Shell interest” is used for convenience to indicate the direct and/or indirect ownership interest held by Shell in an entity or unincorporated joint arrangement, after the exclusion of all third-party interest.

Forward-looking statements

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Shell’s net carbon footprint

Also, in this [report] we may refer to Shell’s “Net Carbon Footprint” or “Net Carbon Intensity”, which include Shell’s carbon emissions from the production of our energy products, our suppliers’ carbon emissions in supplying energy for that production and our customers’ carbon emissions associated with their use of the energy products we sell. Shell only controls its own emissions. The use of the term Shell’s “Net Carbon Footprint” or “Net Carbon Intensity” are for convenience only and not intended to suggest these emissions are those of Shell plc or its subsidiaries.

Shell’s net-zero emissions target

Shell’s operating plan, outlook, and budgets are forecasted for a ten-year period and are updated every year. They reflect the current economic environment and what we can reasonably expect to see over the next ten years. Accordingly, they reflect our Scope 1, Scope 2 and Net Carbon Footprint (NCF) targets over the next ten years. However, Shell’s operating plans cannot reflect our 2050 net-zero emissions target and 2035 NCF target, as these targets are currently outside our planning period. In the future, as society moves towards net-zero emissions, we expect Shell’s operating plans to reflect this movement. However, if society is not net zero in 2050, as of today, there would be a significant risk that Shell may not meet this target.

Forward-looking non-GAAP measures

This [press release] may contain certain forward-looking non-GAAP measures such as [cash capital expenditure] and [divestments]. We are unable to provide a reconciliation of these forward-looking non-GAAP measures to the most comparable GAAP financial measures because certain information needed to reconcile those non-GAAP measures to the most comparable GAAP financial measures is dependent on future events some of which are outside the control of Shell, such as oil and gas prices, interest rates and exchange rates. Moreover, estimating such GAAP measures with the required precision necessary to provide a meaningful reconciliation is extremely difficult and could not be accomplished without unreasonable effort. Non-GAAP measures in respect of future periods which cannot be reconciled to the most comparable GAAP financial measure are calculated in a manner that is consistent with the accounting policies applied in Shell plc’s consolidated financial statements.

The contents of websites referred to in this [press release] do not form part of this [press release].

We may have used certain terms, such as resources, in this [press release] that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) strictly prohibits us from including in our filings with the SEC. Investors are urged to consider closely the disclosure in our Form 20-F, File No 1-32575, available on the SEC website www.sec.gov.

IGP.com deploys Unicommerce to manage its growing scale of personalized orders

New Delhi/Mumbai, February 08, 2023:

SaaS platform Unicommerce which provides integrated solutions for post-purchase experience management has announced its association with IGP, India’s largest multi-category gifting company with customers spanning 100+ countries and the capability to deliver gifts to over 150 countries and 1000+ cities in India.

With rapidly growing operations, IGP.com was seeking a state-of-the-art technology solution to strengthen and automate its supply chain and expedite the delivery of gifts to its consumers. This is where Unicommerce stepped in and developed an advanced order management and warehouse management solution to simplify the complex process of managing a wide range of gifting orders, including customised products. Unicommerce has enhanced the capabilities of its SaaS platform to offer a Pigeonhole sorting process to meet the scale and complexity of personalised merchandise businesses. This makes it best suited for companies like IGP with its growing business of customised gifting options.

Given IGP’s expansive collection of personalized gifting options and the company’s plan to be the largest and most preferred destination for all special purchases in the next 3 years, IGP has deployed Unicommerce’s order management and warehouse management solution to simplify its supply chain processes and streamline logistics by implementing a centralised technology system. The company is processing thousands of orders daily through its two warehouses located in Jaipur and Mumbai and several dark stores across India.

Unicommerce’s technology platform has enabled IGP to ensure process automation and a fully paperless operation, leading to increased business efficiencies and error-free deliveries. The company will be able to sort and process each order based on the inputs shared by the consumers, thus offering a distinctive experience to the users as per their preferences. The warehouse management solution helps integrate all warehouses on a single platform and offers custom-based warehouse allocation, with full visibility of stock movement, including returns.

Regarding the partnership, Kapil Makhija, CEO, Unicommerce, said, “As one of India’s largest multi-category gifting companies, IGP presented to us an opportunity to manage both great scale and the immense complexity of managing personalised orders. We are delighted to partner with IGP and provide them with a state-of-the-art SaaS platform to support their growth journey “

Speaking on the partnership, Tarun Joshi, Founder & CEO, of IGP, said, “Being in the business of gifting and festive essentials, we have to ensure on-time error-free deliveries, and we also offer personalised gifting, which requires greater attention to detail that leaves no scope for errors. This required a technology that is suited to handle the scale, diversity, and speed of such operations. We are delighted to have Unicommerce as our supply chain technology partner. Their platform will play an instrumental role in enhancing our supply chain operations and adding to the delight of the millions of customers, who entrust us to deliver their sentiments, thoughts, and emotions around the world every day.”

Unicommerce continues to automate supply chain operations for brands across sectors with a robust product portfolio. The Unicommerce platform comes with 200+ hassle-free integrations, including global marketplaces, website platforms, and logistics providers, making it simpler for companies to streamline their operations.

Entropik, AI-powered Integrated Market Research Platform provider, raises $25 million in Series B funding round led by Bessemer Venture Partners and SIG Venture Capital

Mumbai, February 8th, 2023: Entropik, a leading AI Powered Integrated Market Research platform provider, has raised $25 million in Series B funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners and SIG Venture Capital. The round also saw participation from Trifecta Capital, Alteria Capital, and long-time existing investor Bharat Innovation Fund.

Entropik has grown ~7x in the last two years, riding on its patented Emotion AI Technologies and driven by its expansion into the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Its unique integrated research platform brings quantitative surveys, qualitative research, an online panel & patented emotion AI technologies under one umbrella, making it a one-stop solution for marketing & product organizations. Over 150+ global brands across finance, media, consumer goods, food & beverage, and entertainment leverage Entropik’s consumer research stack to make better consumer-centric decisions faster and more efficiently.

Ranjan Kumar, Founder & CEO of Entropik, said, “The world is evolving fast, and brands, whose foundation is understanding its consumer preference & behavior, are failing to deliver meaningful experiences. In our mission to enable brands to achieve a robust understanding of its consumer, we are thrilled to have Bessemer Venture Partners and SIG Venture Capital join this journey. The new round also comes as a testament to the rigor and hard work put in by our global team and the trust put by enterprises in our offerings.”

“We are delighted to partner with Ranjan, Lava, Bharat, and the entire team at Entropik Tech, in their mission to create a globally leading Emotion AI platform. We believe the strength of the platform lies in its multi-modal, cross-functional capabilities. We are excited to see the team extend their early lead in the customer research category while continuing to expand into other categories as well.”, said Anant Puri, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners.

Bhavanipratap Rana, Investment Advisor to SIG Venture Capital, said, “Entropik provides a faster and cheaper alternative for businesses to interact and understand customer feedback. In an increasingly digital world, consumer and user insights become core to businesses’ success in cultivating a loyal customer base. Marketers can now measure more accurately and assess consumer feedback with Entropik’s products, like Affect UX, Labs, and Decode. We are excited to invest and support the team at Entropik as they expand into new markets.”

Ashwin Raguraman, Co-founder and Partner, of Bharat Innovation Fund, said, “There is a special feeling when you have been at the start of what is an incredible journey. Entropik has grown tremendously, powered by its DeepTech solutions and a high-quality, continuously evolving team. In enabling brands to improve their customers’ experiences, they are the engine powering how customers interact with their brands better. Their multimodal platform encompassing brainwave mapping, facial coding, and voice tonality is globally unique. We hopped on the Entropik train a while back and are very happy to keep buying a ticket to extend our journey.”

With this latest round of funding, Entropik will continue to disrupt consumer research for global brands and build world-class products out of India, enabling research, marketing, and product teams to move towards a more collaborative, agile, and scalable way to conduct research. They will also focus on expanding their footprint across the US, Europe, and Asian markets.